Short stories that inspire…


Painting: “Sad Story No.1" 2015 (80 x 50cm, acrylic on cardboard).

Most of the time I am asked (especially from people who didn’t know that my passion is painting and photography) how I get the time to do all this, to paint, take photographs, work proposals for exbhibitions, gather artists and open exhibitions. Well, the answer is very simple, I have no free weekends!!! (hehehe well only when I’m fully dedicated to a project), then, most of the time, a lot of ideas, projects and also business (why not?) are in my mind, so I take the time to select the one I will work on.

But all of this wouldn’t be possible without the help of my favorite writers Yoana Vargas Magaña and José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade (Sorry guys! I know I’m very demanding giving you very short time for a writing). They are always willing to contribute to any art project I have in mind, and let me tell you something, their writing and short stories really make the paintings and photographs be alive.

This time I present the paintings titled “Sad Story No.1” and “Your eyes in my mirror”, both inspired in Yoana’s short stories, the first one is in English and there is also another painting inspired by this writing previously posted in this art blog; and the second one is written in Spanish and it is dedicated to all those women who due to severe situations had to run away from foreign countries and leave their children in there (tough decision, isn’t it?).

“Yo apenas te recuerdo, recuerdo tus ojos cada vez que me miro al espejo y odio tenerlos, siempre ahí recordándome que decidiste dejarme.”

Fragmento del cuento “Tus ojos en mi espejo”  

I hope you like these painting as well as their respective short story…


“Sad Story No.1.” by Yoana Vargas Magaña

Girl was sitting on the bench, it was a cold winter, she does not remember feeling that kind of cold before, it was not just her bones or her skin, it was a cold inside her soul  that almost slowed down her heart beat till death, she was  lost in her mind, watching birds fly over the cold lake, she was imagining how it would feel to have wings and be able to fly… fly and forget about everything… just feeling the warm wind stroke her face gently just as her mom used to do it before sleeping right after kissing her in the forehead… why do we have to leave home so early? She asked herself, birds live with their families all their life and no one thinks that is weird or not appropriate, as we the humans perceive this action, why do we have to follow the human rules?… in the end it is a simple bunch of humans the ones who made them, so why do we have to do what other humans decided it was the correct thing to do?.

She sat there until the night came, tear drops froze right away, she started to walk into the lake. Ice was getting thinner and thinner beneath her feet, she felt how pain disappeared with every step… she knew this was the only way… wounds in her soul will never heal… they say that “Time is the best master… shame that kills their disciples”, for sure she will not commend this task to time. Finally ice broke, she closed her eyes and sank into the cool depth. She finally got her wings. She broke the human rules.

One thing you should know from your life, there are two things.

Either yes or no…

Explanations do not mean anything

Because if I go away from this world

and give hell lot of good explanations…

at the end of day what matters is if I can come back

and the answer is… No


This following painting expresses the reunion of a mother and a daughter (who was raised by her father) after several years of being apart due to the mother had to run away from the foreign country where her daughter was born mainly because of a cultural severe situation where she could not take her with her. In the end, the daugther can’t deny her origin and resemblance because they both have the same eyes (and hopefully a different destiny)… 


Painting: “My eyes in your mirror" 2015 (80 x 50cm, acrylic on cardboard).

“Tus ojos en mi espejo” por Yoana Vargas Magaña

– ¿Y porque nunca regresaste?

– No pude, dijo entrecortadamente, agachando la cabeza rápidamente, como quien busca esconder algo, mientras tanto su barbilla temblorosa delataba que con gran esfuerzo contenía unas lágrimas muy pesadas, llenas de recuerdos y de miedo. – Dijo que si lo hacia él iba a…

– No digas más por favor, no quiero que digas nada sobre él. Él ha sido todo para mí. Yo apenas te recuerdo, recuerdo tus ojos cada vez que me miro al espejo y odio tenerlos, siempre ahí recordándome que decidiste dejarme.

Ella no dijo nada, la miraba como si se tratase de un ángel hermoso, una inmaculada aparición que no puede tocarse por más que se desee. Finalmente dijo: – Yo también recuerdo tus ojos cada vez que me miro al espejo y amo verte por lo menos ahí.


I realy hope you enjoyed the paintings along with the short stories and thank you for reading this second post of 2016!


Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: MEVM

I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas Hernández, María Elena Magaña Sánchez, Lupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña.

“¡Queremos contarte un cuento!”

Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (17)_EDT

All the artists with the person who is always encouraging us to create and exhibit our works: Eduardo Rodas, all our gratitude to you dear Eduardo!. From left to right: Gildardo Hernández, María Elena Vargas, Jorge Zamorano, Atziri Pérez, Eduardo Rodas, Sandra Martell, Carmina Acopa and Darwin Cruz.


The day of the exhibition “¡Queremos contarte un cuento!” finally arrived and this time the Art Gallery “El Jaguar Despertado” was the place where 16 artists from Tabasco, Chiapas, Jalisco and Germany (Göttingen and Duderstadt) exhibited their art works.

Adrián Quiroz (conceptual art) Chiapas

Alejandro Tassias (painting) Chiapas

Andrea Ruiz (acoustic installation) Chiapas

Atziri Pérez (painting) Tabasco

Carmina Acopa (painting) Tabasco

Christiane Mosler (painting) Duderstadt

Conny Hiller (illustration) Göttingen

Darwin Cruz (painting) Chiapas

Francisco Partida (photography) Jalisco

Gely Pacheco (video-installation) Chiapas

Jorge Zamorano (Installation and drawing) Chiapas

Lüder Mosler (conceptual art) Duderstadt

María Elena Vargas (painting) Tabasco

Sandra Gómez (video) Chiapas

Sandra Martell (illustration) Tabasco


The original idea of the exhibition was by the German artist Conny Hiller and I, and it came out in 2013 when we realized that most people like stories, and they also like being told stories, reason why we selected the title “We would like to tell you a story!”. The main goal was to invite artists with a strong conceptual proposal inspired in all the stories we have been told during our lives (and believe me we refered to “all kinds of stories”).

Then the artist from Chiapas Jorge Zamorano and I developed this idea and invited artists from Tabasco, Chiapas, Jalisco and also international artists from Germany to participate. As the curator of this exhibition, he selected the participants based on the innovative, creative and original proposals.

Thus, the dream came true and we had the opportunity to present this fun, creative and interactive exhibition…

Here are the photos of the opening…

Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (9)_EDT

People looking the art pieces and at the same time talking to some of the artists who could be there.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (15)_EDT

This piece titled “The day I lost my umbrella” by Lüder Mosler was a total hit and many people took a photo of it.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (16)_EDT

It was a night where many artists gathered to see and talk about what other artists from Tabasco, Chiapas, Jalisco and Germany are doing, for example these three pieces by Conny Hiller which show what the refugees in Europe experience in their journey to this continent.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (6)_EDT

Six artists from Chiapas presented their work for the first time at the Galería de Arte “El Jaguar Despertado”.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (8)_EDT

The artist Sandra Martell at the exhibition.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (14)_EDT

It was an exhibition where the guests could interact with the art.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (20)_EDT

Even this kid was curious about this piece by Adrián Quiroz.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (19)_EDT

The diversity of the art pieces led to very interesting conversations.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (23)_EDT

Here with my team in life, my beloved parents.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (21)_EDT

The artist Fernando Pitalúa sharing his observations.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (25)_EDT

My dear friends supporting me all the time.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (11)_EDT

Interesting and creative pieces by Christiane Mosler titled “Behind the curtain” and “In front of the curtain”.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (3)_EDTOne of the favorite pieces was the one by Conny Hiller titled “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” about the refugees in Europe.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (5)_EDT

The artist Carmina Acopa trying this piece titled “About the money” by artist Andrea Ruiz in collaboration with Jorge Zamorano.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (24)_EDT

The painter Atziri Pérez observing some art pieces.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (4)_EDT

As I mentioned, it was a night full of artists, from painters, sculptors, photographers to new media artists. This emerging artist wanted a photograph with my painting titled “Your eyes in my mirror” inspired by the short story by Yoana Vargas Magaña.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (13)_EDT

The artist Gildardo Hernández with his drawing.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (7)_EDT

Very proud of his work is the artist Darwin Cruz.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (18)_EDT

Friends walking around the exhibition.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (10)_EDT

Thanks to my dad I always have the best videos.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (2)_EDT

Excellent comments of the art exhibition even by a very famous artist who visited it.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (12)_EDT

Paintings, photographs, video-installation, drawings and scultures were part of this art exhibition.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (1)_EDT

Melao by Cao is always present with very creative and delicious dessert tables.


TVT - TV Tabasqueña (4)_EDT

Interview with Paco Mesa for the program “Este día” TVT Tabasco the day before the art exhibition.


TVT - TV Tabasqueña (1)_EDT

After the interview in TVT Tabasco with Paco Mesa.


Thank you for reading this first post of the year!

And I wish you the best this 2016!!!



Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: Guadalupe Vargas Magaña, Gerardo Vargas Hernández and Jesús Adrián Huerta Ascencio.

I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas Hernández, María Elena Magaña Sánchez, Lupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña.

Queremos_contarte_un cuento_Patrecinadores


Papillón: A Legend of Tabasco PART 2

parque-museo-la-venta-003Painting: “Papillón el trotamundos” or “Papillón the globetrotter” 2015, (50 x 80cm, acrylic on cardboard).

Today, the protagonist will be the fascinating story by Yoana Vargas Magaña, in which, she tells the nostalgic last day the octogenarian crocodile Papillón lived and how he was ready to depart from this world.

I would say it is one of my favorite short stories she has written.

I hope you like it as well…


“No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá,

no tengo edad ni porvenir

y ser feliz es mi color de identidad.”

Facundo Cabral


Papillón el trotamundos

Por Yoana Vargas Magaña

En memoria a Papillón, el cocodrilo más grande y longevo del país mexicano, el cual murió a las 10 a.m. del martes 21 de enero del 2014.

Ese martes lo recuerdo bien, en mi horizonte veía al sol como aquella gran masa resplandeciente que tanto me abrigó, lo contemplaba casi inmóvil, creo que en cierta forma me despedía de él, el agua fresca mojaba mi piel, esta escamosa piel que tanto me protegió y la misma por la cual, tantos de mis casi hermanos fueron asesinados.

El viento cantaba una canción triste en mi oído y de pronto lo entendí, me dirigía a aquel lugar de donde nadie, ni siquiera yo puedo escapar, cerré los ojos y comencé mi última huida, mi último viaje y esta vez ya no me dirigía a la Laguna de las Ilusiones.


The painting “Papillón el trotamundos” is part of the itinerant exhibition “Plástica Tabasqueña” organized by the Instituto Estatal de Cultura de Tabasco (IEC) and CONACULTA. This exhibition is visiting renowned art galleries in four states of our country; Ciudad de México, Puebla, Estado de México and Tlaxcala.


Flyer of the itinerant exhibition “Plástica Tabasqueña” exhibited in Puebla, Puebla.



Flyer of the itinerant exhibition “Plástica Tabasqueña” exhibited in Ciudad de México, México.


“esta escamosa piel que tanto me protegió y la misma por la cual, tantos de mis casi hermanos fueron asesinados.”Papillon_Parque_Museo_La_Venta_001

Papillón will always live in the Parque-Museo La Venta.


Thanks a lot for always taking the time to read this art blog.

Have an excellent week!


Short story “Papillón el trotamundos”: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page: Jonathan Nuño Jarquin

Photographs: María Elena Vargas Magaña (MEVM)

Papillón: A Legend of Tabasco PART 1


Painting: “Papillón enséñanos a huir” or “Papillón teach us to escape” 2015, (50 x 80cm, acrylic on cardboard).

If you are from Villahermosa or currently living in this city, you might have heard about Papillón, an octogenarian crocodile who lived in the Parque-Museo La Venta for more than forty years. Papillón was and still is a legend in Tabasco.

“Because of the several escapes of this reptile, people gave her the nickname of the famous French prisoner Henri Charrière, alias Papillon, who became famous in the movie directed by Franklin J. Schaffner in 1973, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.” tells Juan José Saiz Zarza who saved this crocodile thirty four years ago and was her doctor ever since until 2014 when this specimen died.

In memory of Papillón and also as a tribute to Juan José Saiz Zarza who patiently healed the crocodile’s wounds and took care of her for so many years, I present the following writing by the talented Yoana Vargas Magaña titled “Papillón enséñanos a huir” or in English “Papillón teach us to escape”.


“Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto
Me ha dado la marcha de mis pies cansados
Con ellos anduve ciudades y charcos,
Playas y desiertos, montañas y llanos
Y la casa tuya, tu calle y tu patio.”

Violeta Parra

Papillón enséñanos a huir

Por Yoana Vargas Magaña

De cierta forma todos huimos de algo, es parte de lo que somos pero principalmente de lo que queremos ser, yo huyo de la monotonía, de la falta en mi vida del arte, las sonrisas y la nobleza pura, huyo de las frases simples, las lecturas rápidas, el café frio, las amistades falsas, el amor a medias y sobre todo de ser quien no soy.

Así Papillón, que no muchos lo saben pero era una hembra, gustaba de escaparse a la Laguna de las Ilusiones por su pasadizo subterráneo, como si se tratase del mismísimo Cousteau, buscando aventurarse lejos de su estanque al que amaba también, lo hizo como tres veces, y como a todos nos ha pasado, algunas de esas veces no le fue muy bien, balazos, terminar atrapada en una red de pescadores furtivos, un ojo perdido, entre otras cosas más y nosotros quejándonos por un corazón roto.

Hoy me enteré que los cocodrilos desde hace muchísimos años, han mantenido una mágica relación con sus pájaros guardianes, después de comer, el cocodrilo se queda inmóvil y con la boca abierta mientras su higienista personal, el pájaro aventurero, entra en su boca y limpia los desechos que le quedan en ella, además lo mantiene limpio de los insectos en su piel y le avisa de los peligros latentes al volar despavorido ante algún peligro que irónicamente no es el estar en la boca de tan majestoso reptil.

Papillón no tuvo un pájaro guardián como la mayoría de los cocodrilos, él en cambio tuvo a Juan José Saiz Zarza, su humano guardián, del cual se dice que, con humildad, expresó haber aprendido todo lo que sabe respecto a estos hermosos animales gracias a Papillón.

Creo que en este mundo se necesitan más artistas apasionados como la pintora María Elena Vargas Magaña quien en sus obras nos deja parte de su corazón y de personas como este veterinario desinteresado, que huyó de no convertiste en un ser extraordinario.

Como alguna vez dijo J.R.R.Tolkien “no todos los que deambulan están perdidos.”


Now that you have read this writing I have a question for you:

What would you like to escape from?

Well, let me say good bye for now and "see" you soon with the posting of the short story titled “Papillón el trotamundos” or in English “Papillón the globetrotter”  by Yoana Vargas Magaña.

Have a good week!


Creative support by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño Jarquin

Wake the photographer inside you!

La novia del mar malecon campeche (5)_EDT

Photograph: “The bride of the sea" 2015.

I think everyone can make a good photographer, it’s only a matter of practice and having the right tools available. For starters like me, a professional camera and a good edition software would make the difference with the photographs. Let me tell you that I’m very proud of my camera Canon EOS 60D (I simply love it!!!)…

So, if you are planning on investing in a professional camera, please go ahead!, because if you have a passion for photography you will find yourself enjoying every single minute taking pics and thinking “I’m glad I have my PRO camera with me”.

The fun also continues when you go to your computer, download the photos and start working on editing them (and you get the best pic ever!). Here is where your imagination take flight with all kinds of possibilities.

We know there are many edition software we can use, in my particular case, I really find the programme LightZone very easy to use and it has worked for me during my photography projects. The only thing you have to do is to register and the approval is automatic (then you are ready to use it right away!).

Then you can share your pics with your friends in the different social media, and you can also create an account in Flickr – Photo Sharing where you can find a lot of inspiration from the different photographers around the world.

As an example here is my project “Not Just a Painter”.

And to learn more about photography, please visit this amazing site, the Digital Photography School, created by Darren Rowse. Here you can find useful information to improve your skills with the camera, for example, just take a look to the link with this perfect title for starters: “21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know”.

Just to show you the difference from the original photos, here are some examples (although let me tell you that sometimes the original photos don’t need a thing!).

This photograph was taken in the beautiful promenade of the city of Campeche and it’s an sculpture called “La novia del mar”, a woman who is patiently waiting for her loved one who left for the sea.

La novia del mar malecon campeche (1)_EDT

The original photograph.

Following you can see all the tests I made in order to get my favorite edited photograph, which is the one opening this art blog posting.

La novia del mar malecon campeche (2)_EDT

Test No. 1 Color.

La novia del mar malecon campeche (3)_EDT

Test No. 2 B&W.

La novia del mar malecon campeche (4)_EDT

Test No. 3 B&W.

La novia del mar malecon campeche (5)_EDT

Test No. 4 Color. This is the one I finally selected because the colors are enhanced and at the same time you can see the texture of the sculpture’s material.

La novia del mar malecon campeche (6)_EDT

Test No. 5 B&W.

Next photograph was taken in the Zacatal Bridge in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, where is amazing to stare nature and these pelicans relaxing, taking the flight or just arriving like the one you can observe here.

Puente el zacatal ciudad del carmen campeche (2)_EDT

The original photograph.

These are the all the tests, resulting  Test No. 2 Color to be my favorite one because it is possible to see the texture of the waves. I also liked Test No. 1 Color because the blue color of the sea is enhanced.

Puente el zacatal ciudad del carmen campeche (3)_EDT

Test No. 1 Color.

Puente el zacatal ciudad del carmen campeche (4)_EDT

Test No. 2 Color. This is the selected picture.

Puente el zacatal ciudad del carmen campeche (5)_EDT

Test No. 3 Color.

Puente el zacatal ciudad del carmen campeche (6)_EDT

Test No. 4 B&W.

Puente el zacatal ciudad del carmen campeche (7)_EDT

Test No. 5 B&W.

I hope you are quite ready to grab your camera, take pics and have fun editing them in any possible way!

Thank you for reading this post…


Creative support by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño Jarquin

Photographs by: María Elena Vargas Magaña (MEVM)

“Look, this is not a selfie!” Part 2

PapisBellos (6)-1_EDT

Photograph “My King and Queen”, 2015. “El hombre feliz es aquel que siendo rey o campesino, encuentra paz en su hogar.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe


This time I would like to present the gallery of the exhibition “Look, this is not a selfie!” held at the Galería de Arte “El Jaguar Despertado” last April in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

And in this oportunity I would like to really THANK all my friends who let me take them photos or take photos of their wonderful kids. So, you also made this art exhibition possible.

Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!


Converted_Fatima (28)-1_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “The scientist”, 2015. "Un científico en su laboratorio no es sólo un técnico: es también un niño colocado ante fenómenos naturales que le impresionan como un cuento de hadas." Marie Curie


MateoLucianoNatalia (9)_EDT

Photograph “I have dreams”, 2015. “Si puedes soñarlo, puedes hacerlo.” Walt Disney


Converted_EugeniaSardelli (63)-2_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “The geologist”, 2015. “El mejor científico está abierto a la experiencia, y esta empieza con un romance, es decir, la idea de que todo es posible.” Ray Bradbury


Converted_PaulinaMendez (196)_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “The fashionista”, 2015. “La moda no existe sólo en los vestidos. La moda está en el cielo, en la calle, la moda tiene que ver con las ideas, la forma en que vivimos, lo que está sucediendo.” Coco Chanel


MateoLucianoNatalia (134)_EDT

Photograph “Being a girl in this world”, 2015. “Hay tres cosas que los niños pueden enseñar a los adultos: a estar siempre contentos sin un motivo aparente, a estar siempre ocupados en algo y a exigir con todas sus fuerzas algo.” Paulo Coehlo


Converted_ShannonSheridan (59)-1_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “The painter”, 2015. “Me gusta una pintura que me hace querer pasear en ella.” Auguste Renoir


AdrianaAnez (37)_EDT

Photograph “The princess”, 2015. “Los ideales que han iluminado mi camino y una y otra vez me han infundido valor para enfrentarme a la vida. Han sido la bondad, la belleza y la verdad.” Albert Einstein


Converted_MariaFiorella (27)-1_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “Me, in pearls”, 2015. “Simplemente trato de hacer moda con un poco de poesía.” Gianfranco Ferré


MateoLucianoNatalia (1)_EDT

Photograph “The little photographer”, 2015. "Si sabes esperar la gente se olvidará de tu cámara y entonces su alma saldrá a la luz.” Steve McCurry


Converted_AlexOrtiz (69)-1_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “The entrepreneur”, 2015. “El éxito está conectado con la acción. La gente exitosa se mantiene en movimiento. Hacen errores pero nunca se dan por vencido.” Conrad Hilton


Converted_Sofia (45)-1_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “Playing”, 2015. “Las personas grandes nunca comprenden nada por sí solas y es muy aburrido para los niños tener que darles una y otra vez explicaciones.” Antoine De Saint Exupery


Converted_ShannonSheridan (90)_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “Little princess I”, 2015. “El amor es la fuerza más humilde, pero la más poderosa de que dispone el ser humano” Mahatma Ghandi


Converted_ShannonSheridan (73)_EDT_JPEG

Photograph “Little princess II”, 2015. “Buscando el bien de nuestros semejantes, encontramos el nuestro.” Platón


RosaIsela&Narda (37)-1_EDT

Photograph “The fighters”, 2015. “Un acto que requiere de gran coraje, es pensar por ti mismo. En voz alta.” Coco Chanel


I really hope you enjoyed this gallery!


Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño.

Photographs by: María Elena Vargas Magaña.

I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas Hernández, María Elena Magaña Sánchez, Lupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña.


“Look, this is not a selfie!” PART 1

LookThisIsNotSelfie (3)_EDT

This was the exhibition opening in which I had the fortune to have my parents Gerardo Vargas and María Elena Magaña, as well as my sister Lupita cut the inaugural ribbon. Also my friends Victoria Chavez and Cristina Sánchez helped me holding it. 


After the last exhibition “El migrante de sueños: Ni el primero ni el último” (in English “The Migrant of Dreams: Neither the first nor the last one”), I realized I had only one month to prepare the next one titled “Look, this is not a selfie!” and because of this not-very-well planning it was really crazy too have it done (OMG!).

The good thing is that a lot of people contributed to have it exhibited by letting me take them photographs. So, I spent days and more days photo shooting, editing and printing the pictures with the main objective of portraying those special characteristics every single person has.

Thus, through the artist’s eyes, it was possible to see the fighters, the scientist, the geologist, the entrepreneur, the princess, the king and his queen, the photographer and so on, discovering the inner self in every look (just wait a little, you will see the photographs in the next posting, then you will tell me what you see!).

I hope you enjoy this opening… 

LookThisIsNotSelfie (1)_EDT

The exhibition just about to be opened.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (13)_EDT

Checking the music with the DJ before everything started.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (2)_EDT

The visit of many excellent friends really made the night.


This exhibition also had the participation of the following talented artists: Simone Di Santo, Elda Nallely Flores, Abraham González Roque, Sandra Martell, Carmina Acopa, Chamaly Revelez, Carlos González Vega, Tochiro Gallegos and Oscar Tijerina.

LookThisIsNotSelfie (10)_EDT

Beautiful artist Elda Nallely Flores going around the gallery.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (18)_EDT

The artist Carmina Acopa showing her artwork.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (20)_EDT

My parents along with family friends Pilar Oviedo and Armando Gómez.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (38)_EDT

The talented soprano Zhara Flaviani created a magical moment with her beautiful voice. Click the link to see a little bit of the exhibition:


LookThisIsNotSelfie (23)_EDT

Friends also having a good time.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (6)_EDT

People admiring the artwork from the invited artists Simone Di Santo, Sandra Martell and Chamaly Revelez.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (12)_EDT

The artist Carmina Acopa seems to be very interested in the conversation.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (17)_EDT

Adira Uc posing with her dreamy artwork.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (16)_EDT

Sandra Martell among the emerging artists from Tabasco.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (11)_EDT

The art gallery “El Jaguar Despertado” is the most important exhibiting place in the state of Tabasco.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (27)_EDT

My parents posing with their photograph, where I tried to express that they are my King and Queen. I love them so much.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (19)_EDT

With my dear friends.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (26)_EDT

Alejandro Ortiz and Astrid Baray.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (21)_EDT

Let's all have the good time, good time, good time!.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (14)_EDT

At the end of the exhibition the only thing we wanted was to eat tacos!


Thank you for taking a little time to read this posting!

Next time you will see the complete artwork.


Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: Guadalupe Vargas Magaña, Gerardo Vargas Hernández and Aurelio Hernández Herrera (Q.E.P.D.).

I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas Hernández, María Elena Magaña Sánchez, Lupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña.


“El Migrante de sueños: Ni el Primero Ni el Último” PART 2

MigranteSueños_Parte2 (4)_EDT

Painting titled “River of dreams”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm by MEVM. “Ya no llore; amá, vamos a estar bien ya verá, además no soy ni el primero ni el último que lo intenta”.


This is the gallery for the exhibition titled “El migrante de sueños: Ni el primero ni el último” (in English “The Migrant of Dreams: Neither the first nor the last one”) where you’ll se my job in detail as well as the work of the invited artists: Conny and Ricardo Hiller, Simone Di Santo, Catarino Iglesias, Elisa García, Jorge Zamorano, Elda Nallely Flores, Abraham González Roque and Sandra Morales Martell.

At the end of the posting I also present the talented poet José Ernesto Sotuyo and the writer Yoana Vargas Magaña who joined me in this journey. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!

And if you’d like to read their stories, please send me an e-mail and I will send them to you…

MigranteSueños_Parte2 (6)_EDT

Painting titled “The sky is the limit”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm by MEVM. “El viaje más largo que un hombre puede hacer en la vida es hacia su infancia. Sin escalas, derechito a la inocencia. Desde aquí les escribo.”


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (8)_EDT

Painting titled “Does the stockholm syndrome exist?”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm by MEVM. “Tomó un pequeño clasto de su atesorado carbón, lo había encontrado el día en el que esos dos hombres la encerraron ahí”.


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (9)_EDT

Painting titled “Every dollar counts”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm by MEVM. “La brújula del corazón apuntando al norte. Siempre al norte; domicilio de anhelos.”


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (12)_EDT

Installation titled “Welcome to the land of opportunities, the only thing you need to do is to cross the border” by MEVM.


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (13)_EDT

Photographs of Erick Giovanni, José Leonel, Oscar Daniel and Christian, migrants from Honduras who traveled to the USA seeking a better life. If you’d like to see the photos in detail, please click the following link.


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (18)_EDT

Painting titled “Patrona de los migrantes”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm by MEVM. “Un hombre apresurado por el amanecer va corriendo por un cerro cuando una mujer de inmaculada belleza hace su aparición deteniendo en seco la carrera; el movimiento es fe.”


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (20)_EDT

Painting titled “Human ashes”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm by MEVM. “…entonces me despido de mis hijos colmándolos de azufrados besos de nostalgia”.


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (22)_EDT

Painting titled “Self-portrait with my friends”, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm by MEVM. “I would like that stories that Yoana Vargas Magaña and José Ernesto Sotuyo tell us, be only that, stories and not reality.” 


The Invited Artists

Here is the gallery of the talented invited artists…

MigranteSueños_Parte2 (23)_EDT

This was the space for the talented invited artists.


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (28)_EDT

Spectacular photo of Mount Mallela in Abbruzzo, Italy. Title: “Reflexions”, 2010, 60x91cm by Simone Di Santo.


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (29)_EDT

Left: Photograph titled “Salad Desert”, 2007, 46x60cm by Elisa García “Las Salinas Grandes, ubicadas entre las provincias de Jujuy y Salta en el Noroeste de Argentina, presenta una gran extensión de un paisaje inhóspito y desolado, que también es fuente de trabajo para los pobladores de los pueblos vecinos debido a la producción de sal.” Right: Photograph titled “Playing between heaven and earth”, 2015, 40x60cm by Catarino Iglesias “Para saber si estas en el cielo no necesitas tocarlo, solo necesitas sentirte parte de él.”


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (30)_EDT

Photograph “Al sonoro rugir del cañon”, 2015, 40x60cm by Elda Nallely Flores Coronado. I won’t translate the photograph’s title, I don’t know how to do it hehehe, only mexicans understand this title because it’s a phrase from our national anthem. 


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (32)_EDT

Left: Drawing “The shadow of greed”, 2015, 21x27cm by Abraham González Roque. Right: Painting “Reds”, 2014, oil on canvas, 50x60cm by Sandra Morales Martell


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (33)_EDT

Graphic titled “Las entrañas de la patria”, 2013, 50x70cm by Jorge Zamorano “El deseo de conocer el interior de los símbolos que nos dan identidad.”


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (36)_EDT

Sculpture titled “The frog king”, 2013, by artist Ricardo Hiller


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (39)_EDT

Watercolor titled “Hahn-Münden”, 2013, 15x20cm by artist Conny Hiller. This design was one of the winners at the festival “Denkmal Kunst, Kunst Denkmal” (Monumento Arte, Arte Monumento) held in the city of Hahn-Münden, Germany.


MigranteSueños_Parte2 (1)_EDT

The talented poet José Ernesto Sotuyo.



The talented writer Yoana Vargas Magaña.


Thank you again for reading this blog…

And remember that you´re invited to this week art exhibition

“Look, this is not a selfie!”




This post was edited by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

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Photographs by: María Elena Vargas Magaña

“El Migrante de sueños: Ni el Primero Ni el Último” Part 1

ElMigranteSueños (14)_EDT

The Exhibition opening with the cultural authorities from the State of Tabasco, the Director for Cultural Promotion ICT Ph.D. Paulina Isabel León de la Peña Izundegui, the Fine Arts Coordinator Eduardo Rodas García and PEMEX authorities guest Lobsang de Jesús Díaz López.


This individual exhibition titled “El migrante de sueños: Ni el primero ni el último” (in English “The Migrant of Dreams: Neither the first nor the last one”) is inspired in those brave people who leave their countries searching for a better life in a place where most of the time they aren’t treated with the dignity they deserve or at a place where they can’t even get to.

“I would like that stories that Yoana Vargas Magaña and Jose Ernesto Sotuyo tell us, be only that, stories and not reality.”

The exhibition counts with the valuable participation of  the writer Yoana Vargas Magaña and the poet José Ernesto Sotuyo, who interpret the paintings and photographs with a real content in each of their writings.


ElMigranteSueños (7)_EDT

Mrs. Flora introducing the Exhibition titled "El Migrante de Sueños: Ni el Primero Ni el Último" (in English “The Migrant of Dreams: Neither the first nor the last one”) at the Planetario Tabasco 2000, Villahermosa, Tabasco.


ElMigranteSueños (6)_EDT

The entrance with the painting “River of dreams” inspired by the short story with the same title by the writer Yoana Vargas Magaña.


ElMigranteSueños (28b)_EDT

The Fine Arts Coordinator Eduardo Rodas and the one who made this exhibition possible!


The Invited Artists

I would like to thank all the invited artists who participated in this exhibition and who will be part of the following great project titled “The Contrasts of Mexico”. The participant artists were: Conny and Ricardo Hiller, Simone Di Santo, Catarino Iglesias, Elisa García, Jorge Zamorano, Elda Nallely Flores, Abraham González Roque and Sandra Martell.

ElMigranteSueños (1)_EDT

The incredible work by the invited artists.


ElMigranteSueños (21)_EDT

The artist Simone Di Santo explaining his amazing photograph “Reflections” taken in Mount Mallela in Abbruzzo, Italy.


ElMigranteSueños (23)_EDT

Another talented artist with his wife Brenda and daugther Fátima.


ElMigranteSueños (36)_EDT

The talented artists Sandra Martell, Simone Di Santo, Nallely Flores and Abraham González Roque.


Friends who also visited the exhibition…

ElMigranteSueños (26)_EDT

My friends from the FCT Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra UANL (Faculty of Earth Sciences UANL).


ElMigranteSueños (34)_EDT

With my dear friend Adriana Añez and Claudia Villalobos, the creator of the wonderful platters with desserts and canapés.


ElMigranteSueños (22)_EDT

It was nice to have really good and dear friends with me that night.


ElMigranteSueños (32)_EDT

Lobsang de Jesús Díaz López and me at the installation “Welcome to the land of opportunities, the only thing you need to do is to cross the border”.


ElMigranteSueños (17)_EDT

People going around the exhibition.


ElMigranteSueños (19)_EDT

The photographs made a lot of people conscious about the migrants situation.


ElMigranteSueños (40)_EDT

My dear friend Isela Ascencio and her daughter Narda.



The great museographers Cenón, Mateo and Sergio, who arranged everything to be ready for the exhibition.



Wonderful desserts and canapés table by Claudia Villalobos.



“Traen la voz de los migrantes de sueños”, interview for the local newspapers Tabasco Hoy and Campeche Hoy by Yumey Salgado.



Invitation for the exhibition designed by the IEC (Instituto Estatal de Cultura).


Thanks a lot for taking the time to see the review of the exhibition “El migrante de sueños: Ni el Primero ni el Último”!

Next time you will see the work of the invited artists, as well as my paintings and photographs for this exhibition.



This post was edited by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: Guadalupe Vargas Magaña & Luis Antonio Pérez


I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas Hernández, María Elena Magaña Sánchez, Lupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña.

Another thank to Antonio Escalera Alcocer, Subdirector de Exploración y Producción PEMEX, for his support and for following up the exhibition “El migrante de sueños: Ni el primero ni el último”.

Everything happened in Chiapas


Photograph by MEVM: “La abuela Isabel y Renato" 2014 (63x40cm).

As a contemporary artist what I try to reflect is the cultural and social context I live in, with the intention to give voice and provoke a dialogue and consciousness about the issues we face as a country and at the same time to highlight the Marvelous Mexico we owe (Well, almost all of us)…

In this case, these photographs are inspired by everything that makes our beloved Mexico unique, that is, its culture, people and the way they earn an honest living. Then, the project “Everything happened in Chiapas” has this intention and counts on the valuable participation of the writer Yoana Vargas Magaña who interprets the artwork with her magical and realistic short stories.

The titles are “La abuela Isabel y Renato” and “Es larga la espera”, in the first one the story is told by those wonderful feet from our people “We come in pair to hold only one and that one always lead us with the heart and the strenght we must have in this place in which we were destined to be born”, meanwhile in the second one a courageous migrant asks a special request to another migrant “Nothing that I said matters, the only thing that matters is to arrive and if not I ask you that at least my name does”.

Here's STORY No.1 in Spanish (I'm sorry my friends but translation is very difficult)…


STORY No.1 “La abuela Isabel y Renato”

Aquí se debe ser fuerte, no hay opción de lo contrario, el día empieza casi de noche y la noche no acaba hasta que es de día, el olor de mi madre verde lo vale, lo vale todo, se es libre de cosas que no entenderíamos y nos preocupan cosas que ustedes no entenderían. Nos aferramos a nuestra tierra como si estuviéramos enraizados, besamos nuestro suelo con cada caminar y algunas veces nos acercamos al suyo para poder conseguir eso que han creado para comprar lo creado por nosotros y que nos permite tener para comer.

Venimos en par para poder sostener sólo a uno y ese uno nos dirige siempre con el corazón y la fortaleza que se debe tener en este lugar en el que nos tocó nacer.

“Pies para qué los quiero si tengo alas para volar”… nosotros de caminos y huellas chiapanecas nunca entendimos esa frase… aquí siempre nos han necesitado.

Yoana Vargas Magaña


STORY No.2 was inspired by the following photograph and the courageous immigrants… 002_Fotografia_La_larga_espera_EDT

Photograph by MEVM: “Es larga la espera" 2014 (60x40cm).

STORY No.2 “Es larga la espera”

-Es larga la espera ¿verdad? Le pregunté con el afán de sentir un poco de compañía, es extraño sentirse tan solo y estar rodeado de tantos.

-Eso depende de lo que estés esperando.

No supe si sonreír o no. Había algo de incertidumbre en su respuesta, como si de pronto se refiriera a la muerte o quizás eran sólo mis ideas y el olor a muerte que ahí se respira.

Me dijo quién era, de dónde venía (un indocumentado documentándose conmigo y ¿para qué?), hasta me contó sus sueños y anhelos, cuando lo hacía un brillo en sus ojos me enseñaba cómo es el color de la esperanza, me pregunté si yo tendría esa mirada también.

-Mira este de la playera azul ya se durmió, es lo peor que puedes hacer, siempre son los primeros que la bestia escoge, a los que se duermen. Por un lado se podía ver la belleza de los colores del sur de México, por otro el horror y detrás sólo tierra y nuestro pasado entre ella.

Nada de lo que te he dicho importa, lo único que importa es llegar y si no es así te pido que por lo menos lo haga mi nombre.

Sólo acuérdate de mi nombre, si la espera se vuelve corta para mí.

Yoana Vargas Magaña


And STORY No.3 will be inspired by the photograph "Timo y Mimo". At this time it's under construction and doesn't have a title yet, but I'm sure it will be awesome (So, please Yoana you must hurry up!)…003_Fotografia_Timo_y_Mimo_EDT

Photograph by MEVM: “Timo y Mimo" 2014 (60x40cm).


This is the exhibition of the photographs along other amazing artists at the 2° Encuentro Contemporáneo de Artes Plásticas Sur-Sureste at the Museo Regional de Antropología Carlos Pellicer Cámara.


With my friends at the art exhibition in the city of Villahermosa, Tabasco.

I really hope you liked the photographs and this publication… thank you for stopping by…


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Photographs by: María Elena Vargas Magaña (MEVM)