Green Homeland

MariaElenaVargasMagaña_Painting_GreenHomeland Painting: “Verde Patria” or “Green Homeland”, 2017 (150 x 90cm, acrylic on canvas). 


A continuous inspiration for my art projects are all migrants, courageous people that I admire, they leave their families, homes and countries, they leave everything behind searching for a dream of a better life.

The reason I document about them in photographs or paintings is to make people aware that they face a tough, dangerous and deadly journey, and if they once have the chance to meet them, I suggest them to be compassionate and human, and if possible help them, because in that stage of their path they are survivors, in the next stage we don’t know.

This time I present the painting “Green Homeland”, an abstract work inspired in all migrants who travel kilometers and kilometers just to try to reach the American Dream.

I also have the great contribution of the poet Verónica Manzo Barajas, who wrote a touching poem about the strong emotions people feel when leaving the homeland.

This work will be presented in the city of Duderstadt, Germany in September, 16th.

I hope you enjoy the painting and the poem.


Verde Patria

Por Verónica Manzo


¿Por qué me arrancas de tu lado… Verde Patria?


de los brazos de tus campos,

de tus valles y montañas,

de mis sueños juveniles,

del terruño que me abraza…


¿Por qué me niegas tu mirada?,

si en tus ríos de agua clara

se bañaba mi esperanza

yo reía… yo jugaba…


Verde Patria, que Velarde te ensalzaba

con el alma enamorada,

hoy te dejo…. ¡hoy me muero!

hoy mi vida se hace nada…


Por delante existe un sueño

que otra patria me brindara,

con disgusto dejo todo…

ojalá no me dejaras…


Verde Patria, sin color de una esperanza,

en tu casa queda atada

la tristeza de mi alma,

y en tus puertos dejo todo…

… ojalá no me dejaras…



Green Homeland

By Verónica Manzo


Why do you tear me away from your side… Green Homeland?

Exiling me…

from the arms of your fields,

from your valleys and mountains,

from my juvenile dreams,

from the terroir embracing me…


Why do you refuse to give me your gaze?,

if in your rivers of clear water

my hope bathed

I laughed… I played…


Green Homeland, that Velarde extolled

with his soul in love,

now I leave you… now I die!

now my life becomes nothing…


Ahead a dream exists

that other homeland provided me,

in disgust I leave everything…

I wish you didn’t leave me…


Green Homeland, colorless of a hope

in your house remains tied

the sadness of my soul,

and in your harbors I leave everything…

I wish you didn’t leave me…



Just when I started the painting.



A selfie while working on the second stage of "Green Homeland".


Thank you for taking some of your precious time to read this blog. 



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Woman on red background


Painting: “Mujer en fondo rojo” or “Woman on red background”, 2017 (50 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas). 


My sincerely thanks to Verónica Manzo Barajas, my friend and poet (as I recently discovered) who specially wrote the poem titled “Woman” for the painting “Woman on red background”.

As a keep and keep on reading the poem, the only thing I think is that its ease makes it beatifully pure.

This poem is perfect, inspired in every woman, every woman of clear and serene thinking.


Por Verónica Manzo Barajas


Mujer de claro y sereno pensamiento,

de sonrisa franca y permeante afecto,

de ondulante alma

donde arropa el sueño

de la vida misma y el amor eterno.


Del perfecto brillo de sus ojos bellos,

se desprende el fuego de la fe que siento,

y en sus brazos mece

cual si fuera niño

las promesas rotas de los tiempos idos.


Cual mujer de fuego se proyecta en pleno,

con sonrisa franca que derrota miedos,

y después la calma

y después del trueno

la mujer del claro… y sereno pensamiento.


By Verónica Manzo Barajas


Woman of clear and serene thinking,

of honest smile and permeating affect,

of undulating soul

that tucks the sleep

of the life itself and the eternal love.


Of the perfect brightness of her pretty eyes,

emerges the fire of the faith I feel,

and in her arms cradles

as if it were kid

the broken promises of the gone times.


As a woman of fire she projects herself in full,

with honest smile that defeats fears,

and then the calm

and then the thunder

the woman of clear… and serene thinking.


I hope you enjoyed the painting and the beautiful poem by Verónica Manzo Barajas



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Opera gift

SeRegalaOpera_HahnMuenden_EDT_MariaElenaVargasMagañaPhotograph: “Se regala ópera” or “Opera given as a present”, 2016, digital photography.

It was last december when my family and I were walking at the Zocalo square of Mexico’s City when we continued through the street 5 de Febrero and we stop to watch a great performance, two extraordinary opera singers were singing for an enthusiastic crowd, who were asking for more and more songs as soon as they finished one. I recall a passionate man, who was asking them to sing “O mio babbino caro”, “Va pensiero” o “Lakmé”, then the singers told him that he was a person who really loved opera because he knew the good ones.

In my case, I also love listening to opera, but to tell you the truth, I don´t know about it, so I was happy to see one person asking for different songs from the ones we usually request.

After being a spectator for a while, I took my camera out and started photographing the opera singers and the street audience. It resulted in two photographs.

I worked on the editing and when they were finished I sent them to my family (dad, mom, sisters Lupita and Yoana, brother-in-law Hazem and boyfriend Luis) so they could help me with the names, because I knew it was going to be funny what they could propose.

From a variety of options (a very funny ones that made me laugh out loud), I selected the titles “Se regala ópera” or “Opera given as a present” where the opera singers give their souls to the excited audience; and “Filtrando ópera” or “Filtering Opera”, where a guy is trying to concentrate himself only in the music but he’s somehow being distracted by the surrounding noises.


Photograph: “Filtrando ópera” or “Filtering Opera”, 2016.


I hope you like the photos.



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Mansión Horizontal


Painting: “Mansión Horizontal” or “Horizontal Mansion”, 2017 (150 x 90cm, acrylic on canvas). 


This time I would like to thank my friend Atziri Pérez Galindo, who is an amazing abstract artist, the invitation to participate in the exhibition “A poem to Gaia” which concept is to create an approach with nature, with our Earth.

In this exhibition, we have to represent what nature is for us, that is, our relationship with Earth and the energy it transmits to all human beings. The main objective is to be conscious that we are part of one world and that it’s our duty to take care of it and love it, of course.

In my case, I wanted to create an abstract painting representing our Earth’s strata and at the same time to give Gaia a kind face because she is always giving us her best.

The inspiration for the painting is this phrase of the poem "Horizontal mansion" written by José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade: “Me abraza, asciendo, tiemblo y me recibe en su mansión horizontal” or in English “It embraces me, I ascend, I tremble and it receives me in its horizontal mansión” 

In this way, abstraction and poetry make a great combination.



“Mansión Horizontal”

Por José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade


Viajo de noche. Sin sombra.

Pienso en Dios pero miro el suelo.

Voy dentro, espantado como ciego.

Hay una puerta de tezontle y la levanto.

Voy más adentro, encarnando en mis vestigios

los escombros que fui

las raíces que fui.

Un sol bordado a mano.

Hay un río inmóvil. Apretado. Casi dormido.

Flotando un caracol y una estrella.

Un cardumen de vida que ya no late.

Una constelación de estrellas que ya no vibran.

Dios es justo. Entierra a los pájaros en las nubes.

Sigo abajo. No anochece. Recupero mi sombra de obsidiana.

Camino el mundo como quien busca a su madre.

Mi vocablo de mármol la nombra.

Su cuerpo paralelo me bendice.

Me abraza, asciendo, tiemblo y me recibe

en su mansión horizontal.




Photograph: “Self-portrait”, 2017. 


I hope you liked this abstract painting and the poem that inspired it. 



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The Reading Club – The Final Day


Painting: “The Reading Club – The Final Day”, 2017 (50x60cm, acrylic on canvas). From left to right photographer and writer Simone Di Santo, María Elena Vargas Magaña, photographer Ismael Moyaho, Gabriel García Rosas and science fiction writer Sarahel Pérez Carreón.


NOTE: the painting was inspired in a photograph taken the final day we gathered for The Reading Club when the photographers Simone Di Santo and Ismael Moyaho were invited to join us (Gabriel, Sarahel and me).


 The Reading Club 

Actually, I don’t remember whose idea it was, but the moment I was asked to be part of a The Reading Club I immediately said yes, it was a chance to read different texts and at the same time have a great conversation with friends from work in that time. The dynamics were simple, every person selected a text and we reviewed it once a week. We gathered in many places, from Sarahel’s and Gabriel’s homes to the staff house where I lived and a small room in the Crowne Plaza Hotel where Filippo also lived for a while.

We started reading the “Ciberiada” by Stanislaw Lem (Gabriel’s recommendation), then we knew for the first time the beautiful poetry of the famous Tabasco’s poet José Carlos Becerra (Lavin´s recommendation). We also read the first story written by Sarahel Pérez Carreón, who would have known that he was going to write such a great science fiction story this year 2017? (I really hope he continues writing such kind of stories!)

I think this goup was very special because all its members are talented in different ways and we learned from each other.

It was also the time when I created the project Expect the Unmexpectedwhich lead to the creation of this ArtBlog, a very creative period. I recall one night, after having The Reading Club reunión, when I had the idea of painting the artist Marc Chagall and thus, I created one of my favorite paintings which was later exhibited in Germany.

As I mentioned, there is a lot of talent in The Reading Club, and a prove of that is the science fiction story that Sarahel wrote.

The title is Affectuum Hominen and the main character is Declain, a fifty-six-year-old man who is a “member of the second generation of Mars inhabitants and of the first generation locally born”, who is also “immunized against the six substances that generate emotional  instability” (what an imagination!)


One of my favorite parts is the beginning which says:

“Mars, some time after the last world-space war and before the first war in Mars”


And talking about favorite parts, I would like to share an extract of the story which is the author’s favorite:


Extracto del cuento de ciencia ficción

“Affectuum Hominen”

Por Sarahel Pérez Carreón

En medio del viaje, sin razón alguna Declain abrió los ojos, había perdido la noción del tiempo, las luces de la capsula estaban apagadas, encontró a Dayle contemplando su diamante al otro extremo de la cápsula, sosteniéndolo a contraluz de la luna, lo observaba con mucha atención, como una niña que observa una aurora boreal por primera vez.

– ¿Por qué te gusta tanto?

– Los diamantes pueden llegar a ser tan jóvenes como la tierra o tan viejos como el universo y es tal vez mi vanidad la que me hace pensar que un pedazo de estrella luce bien en mí, que me hace más bonita o será sencillamente que me gusta como brillan.

Para una persona perspicaz, no saber qué decir puede llegar a ser frustrante y ante tal frustración Declain sólo supo decir:

– Descansemos, ha sido un largo día. 


I really hope you have enjoyed this painting and the story extract.



Members of The Reading Club:

Gabriel García Rosas

Manuel Lavin Vizcaíno

Sarahel Pérez Carreón

Filippo Rodríguez Spadavecchia

María Elena Vargas Magaña


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Everything happened in Chiapas


Painting: “Self-portrait with my friends“, 2014 (100x100cm, acrylic on canvas).

These three paitings that belong to the project “Everything Happened in Chiapas” were presented at the Painting Regional Biennal 2014 “Miguel Ángel Gómez Ventura” in the renowned Art Gallery “El Jaguar Despertado”. As an artist, this participation represented the first opportunity to exhibit my artwork in the city of Villahermosa, reason why I consider this Biennal another turning point in my artistic career.

Many exhibitions followed from that date on, and everytime I participated in any show I had the opportunity to work together with two of my favorite writers, the first one is my sister Yoana Vargas Magaña and the second one is my friend José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade, both have greatly inspired me and contributed to highlight every piece that has been presented.

This time is the poet José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade who inspirationally writes about every painting, in this way, in “Timo and Mimo” these characters are alive and they steal me a big smile; then, in the painting “Self-portrait with my friends”, they fight themselves for my hair and they also climb the branches of my arms to reach my head and get one sin from here and one oblivion from there; and it’s in the last painting “You stay with me”, where grandma Isabel is a Ceiba Tree and her big heart is the woods. (Now you can guess why I love to work with my talented writers, they always write with their souls…)

As always, I hope that you enjoy the paintings and their respective following writing:



Autorretrato con mis amigos

Por José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade

-Vengan, y ahora un retrato.

Ahí vienen, se retuercen, se revuelcan, se atropellan. Se pelean mi cabello, se trepan sobre las ramas de mis brazos, me espulgan, un pecado aquí, un olvido allá, en merecida terapia de higiene a mi conciencia, se mecen en mis sueños, dan un brinco y me bajan una nube, otro más, me llevan a la luna, se columpian y regresan, regresamos, de una pirueta aterrizan frente a mí.

Somos unos locos. Y les agradezco el favor.



Below is the painting “Timo and Mimo”.


Painting: “Timo and Mimo“, 2014 (70x90cm, acrylic on canvas).



Timo y Mimo

Por José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade

Son unos locos. Una pandilla de locos. Timo, un buscavidas y Mimo, un burlamuertes, atorrantes ellos de insoportable ternura, locos al fin. Fue Mimo quién llegó primero robándome una sonrisa y en vuelta de rueda Timo se acercó riñendo atención; me robó otra. Total, salí desfalcada, qué importa, la felicidad es una deuda sin deudores. Ladronzuelos inquietos. Timo o quizás fue Mimo comenzó a medir mi rostro, a buscar qué se yo en mis ojos, a asomarse con temerosa intención de lanzarse y caer en redondo sobre el fondo de mi corazón. Tal cual pero los dos. Timo o quizás Mimo duplicaba los gestos en perfecta sincronía. ¿Fue ese robo mi mejor inversión?



Finally you can find the painting “You stay with me”.


Painting: “You stay with me“, 2014 (100x100cm, acrylic on canvas).



Tú te quedas conmigo

Por José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade

La abuela Isabel es una ceiba y su corazón el bosque. Es de esas mujeres tímidas que esquivan los halagos. Dueña de una fortuna de bondad, hectáreas de alegría y tierras fértiles de esperanza. ¿En verdad no le importa que se queden conmigo?, le pregunto y espanta con su mano la obviedad de la respuesta como quién espanta una mosca. Yo voy a estar bien, lo poquito es mío y tú, mirando a un pedacito de afecto, tú te quedas conmigo.



Thank you again for taking a little time to read this blog…



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The Market of Poza Rica


Photograph: “La Maga" or in English “The Wizard”, 2016.

Our Mexican culture and traditions have deeply inspired me to continue working on art projects that highlight all that our country has to share.

This time the objective of the project is to promote The Market of Poza Rica by creating artistic photographs of all that is sold in this place, accompained by the poetic prose of a writer that I admire.

I’m working together with the poet José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade who with his unique way of using the words is writing the texts for each piece (thank you vey much for your extraordinary contribution!).

This time I’m presenting only 2 out of 5 photographs that were taken in the commercial place #172, #173 and #174 corresponding to Sombreros “Mezano” or “Mezano” Hats.

Well, let's continue with the writing of photograph #1 titled "La Maga" or in English "The Wizard";



“La Maga”

Por José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade

El telón recogió su dramático terciopelo en vertical ascendente hasta dejar una figura iluminada en el fondo. La atmosfera se vació de sonidos, extinguiendo las voces a murmullos y finalmente apagándolos en suspiros. El acto prometía el asombro de verse frente al crepuscular horizonte de su futuro. La figura que apareció en el fondo iluminada solo desde el cuello y hasta su alto bombín entornó la mirada incomodada por el reflector hasta delinear un rostro blanco de labios negros y rasgos horadados por vanidosas líneas simétricas. La expectativa se tensó. Los ojos de la mujer mostraron a cada uno de los presentes la justa dimensión de su corazón.

Con ustedes; la Maga.

Y el público rompió en un vendaval de aplausos.



Below is photograph #2 titled "La Llorona" or in English "The Crying Lady".


Photograph: “La Llorona" or in English “The Crying Lady”, 2016.



“La Llorona”

Por José Ernesto Sotuyo Andrade

Lejos de ser una presencia silenciosa que se hace del disimulo para aterrar, el folclor de la Llorona es llamativo, lamentos y gritos que encajan las mismas uñas del dolor en el corazón y un vestido blanco y largo casi inmaculado que se arrastra en el suelo. Después del susto la pena. Pobre mujer, Diosito, dale descanso.


No era pobre. Según la latitud donde se escuche su leyenda, la Llorona era una mujer a la que no le faltaba nada, uno, dos o tres hijos, muertos por ella o por alguien, caída en desgracia por celos o por el abandono, los vapores de la historia se levantan sulfurosos hasta marear, la Llorona es una bocanada de tragedia.

Le hemos cantado, por respeto, ni Dios mande. Chavela Vargas jamás imaginó popularizar un son istmeño que le cantaba a una mujer atormentada. Tampoco imaginó que ayudaría a llevar su lamento a lo largo y hondo del tiempo y del continente y que aislada su leyenda, ahogada entre besos, asfixiada en caricias, la Llorona llora por amor.

Ayer, maravilla fui Llorona

Y ahora ni sombra soy



Thank you for taking the time to visit my ArtBlog and I hope you have enjoyed it.



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Painting: “Tierra Fronteriza" 2016 (50x67cm, acrylic on canvas).

With the invitation to participate in the exhibition “PARADISE” held in the city of Duderstadt, Germany, as an artist I wanted to show the efforts people who live in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas located in the Mexican-USA border do to try to live a “normal” life and rescue the city to be a safer place. These efforts include recovering the place by promoting a more cultural life, include young people in art and musical projects so they are focused on these activities and they can excel on them.

So about the paintings, the first one titled “Tierra Fronteriza” (“Border Land”) is inspired in the differences and similarities both lands have and the second one titled “Sueños de paz de una artista de la frontera” (“Dreams of peace from an artist of the border”) is inspired in the colorful city I would like to see in the near future.


Painting: “Sueños de paz de una artista de la frontera" 2016 (50x67cm, acrylic on canvas).

Finally, the scuplture titled “Al rescate de mi paraíso” (“At the rescue of my paradise”) can be better described with the poem written by Hazem Mahmoud and Yoana Vargas Magaña, showing how we can fight violence and inspire hearts with weapons such as music, art, sports and education.


“Al rescate de mi paraíso" 2016, Sculpture.


My Paradise

By Hazem Mahmoud and Yoana Vargas Magaña

Peace be upon you

Peace or violence

This tough war can break us,

if we let it happen

But there’s still some shine of peace inside my paradise,

Bring the good from within the normal people and then we can call them soldiers

Fighting with different kind of weapons,  fighting to protect us from us

War is the enemy of peace

And peace is my paradise

Peace be upon us, so let’s save our paradise

Peace be upon you

Peace or violence

So tell me at the end

What kind of weapon will you carry?



Fragment of the sculpture “Al rescate de mi paraíso" 2016.



We can really rescue our city from violence, hope never dies.

Fragment of the sculpture “Al rescate de mi paraíso" 2016.


I really hope you like this art and the inspiration behind it.

But before I say good bye I would like to ask two questions:

What’s your paradise?


What can you do to make it better everyday?




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All my love to my dear Family whose support and love I always have.


Villahermosa Reflections

MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (1)

Photograph: "Reflections I", 2016. MUSEVI ("Museo Elevado de Villahermosa" or "Elevated Museum of Villahermosa").

The best way to say good bye to a city is by findind one of your favorite spots and taking the best possible pics, in this way you can make your own tribute to the city in question. This is what it happened with this photograph series called "Villahermosa Reflections" where a simple walk through this park named "Tomás Garrido Canabal" turned into a delightful experience (this is for sure my favorite place in Villahermosa, Tabasco).

The park is located along the shores of the "Laguna de las Ilusiones", a lagoon that acts as a fantastic mirror of the trees, gardens and the different types of architecture with a combination of prehispanic, colonial and contemporary aspects. With this scenario it is possible to get fantastic photographs specially before the sunset, so I really recommend you to take a stroll one of these days just to admire the view and relax.

On a typical sunday, it's very common to find several families from the city taking a walk around the park, exersicing or just getting something to eat from all the variety of snacks you can find here.

At night and in the most private places of the park it is also probable to find some couples talking and most of the time kissing (I wish I have a picture to show you how they look! Muack, muack and muack!).

Talking about the night, one of the best things when it comes is the illumination of the MUSEVI, from purple and green it moves to a range of blues, and so on. The incredible structure of the MUSEVI ("Museo Elevado de Villahermosa" or "Elevated Museum of Villahermosa") was built by the mexican architect Enrique Norten and it is a pedestrian bridge simulating the form of a gar-like swamp fish commonly known in this region as "pejelagarto" (a combined word "peje" meaning fish in the way people from Villahermosa pronounce it and "lagarto" meaning alligator). The MUSEVI is also a space created to promote art and it has just been remodelled, so expect a variety of art expressions to be exhibited in this site (I hope to show my art here someday!).

Well, here is the gallery of "Villahermosa Reflections" and now it's time to say good bye to this exotic and beautiful city!

MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (5)Photograph: "Laguna de las Ilusiones", 2016 by Luis Antonio Pérez Moreno.


MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (3)Photograph: "Reflections II", 2016. "Laguna de las Ilusiones" and the reflected architecture.


Photograph: "Reflections I", 2016. Photograph of the MUSEVI ("Museo Elevado de Villahermosa" or "Elevated Museum of Villahermosa").Photograph: "Light over darkness", 2016. Spectacular nigth view of the MUSEVI.


MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (2)Photograph: "Reflections III", 2016.


MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (6)

Photograph: "Good bye Villahermosa!", 2016.

Thanks for passing by and I hope you enjoy Villahermosa.


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As always, I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas HernándezMaría Elena Magaña SánchezLupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña


Painting, painting and painting…

MariaElenaVargasMagana_LOVE (1)

Painting: “L-O-V-E" 2016 (100 x 100cm, acrylic on canvas).


(And how to be inspired to be creative…)

I just noticed that if you have an empty house for sure you will get inspired to create something to decorate it, and this is what just happened to us (and I say us because my sister Lupita, her boyfriend Miguel, Luis and I were involved). The house was all ours and we needed to fill it up.

The first thing they told me was they didn't know how to paint (and I said "Don't worry, just let it flow", and that's what it happened). In the end, we created a very nice artistic environment with modern paintings combined with some of my previous paintings.

So, the painting I post this time was created by Luis and I, and the title is "L-O-V-E" which is a 100 x100cm acrylic on canvas (can you find the letters forming the word LOVE? and can you also find a dinosaur in the painting???). The three colors used were black, yellow and white. We started with the black as a background just letting the brush going one side to the other of the canvas in a free style, after it was dry the left holes were filled with the combination of the colors yellow and black, sometimes we also mixed yellow with white to bring the painting some light.

I could say it took us less than an hour to paint it, so it is the fastest painting I've ever worked on, and I'm very proud I did it with Luis. It was also a very funny experience because as I mentioned before, this painting was used to decorate my sister Lupita's new place. Now the house looks like a house and also as an art gallery…

MariaElenaVargasMagana_LOVE (2)

Luis and I, the painters.

We look very serious in the previous photo but it's just to create the artistic vibe, but in reality we were laughing all the time specially because I'm a controlling woman telling Luis "Honey, let the paint flow as you feel it" hehehe and in the next second (when something didn't look kind of artistic) I said "Mmmm let it flow but not that way it's better this way" (Sorry but art is art and it always has to look cool).

MariaElenaVargasMagana_LOVE (3)

Laughing about me being a controlling artist.


In summary, what I learned by doing these paintings with Lupita, Miguel and Luis is that:

– You can use any kind of material to do something artistic.
– It's very easy to decorate your house in as artistic way.
– It's a lot of fun to create art with the people you love.
– Everyone is capable to create what we consider art.
– You feel proud because you did it, even though you thought you couldn't.


Well, it's time to say good by for now…


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As always, I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas HernándezMaría Elena Magaña SánchezLupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña