“Look, this is not a selfie!” PART 1

LookThisIsNotSelfie (3)_EDT

This was the exhibition opening in which I had the fortune to have my parents Gerardo Vargas and María Elena Magaña, as well as my sister Lupita cut the inaugural ribbon. Also my friends Victoria Chavez and Cristina Sánchez helped me holding it. 


After the last exhibition “El migrante de sueños: Ni el primero ni el último” (in English “The Migrant of Dreams: Neither the first nor the last one”), I realized I had only one month to prepare the next one titled “Look, this is not a selfie!” and because of this not-very-well planning it was really crazy too have it done (OMG!).

The good thing is that a lot of people contributed to have it exhibited by letting me take them photographs. So, I spent days and more days photo shooting, editing and printing the pictures with the main objective of portraying those special characteristics every single person has.

Thus, through the artist’s eyes, it was possible to see the fighters, the scientist, the geologist, the entrepreneur, the princess, the king and his queen, the photographer and so on, discovering the inner self in every look (just wait a little, you will see the photographs in the next posting, then you will tell me what you see!).

I hope you enjoy this opening… 

LookThisIsNotSelfie (1)_EDT

The exhibition just about to be opened.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (13)_EDT

Checking the music with the DJ before everything started.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (2)_EDT

The visit of many excellent friends really made the night.


This exhibition also had the participation of the following talented artists: Simone Di Santo, Elda Nallely Flores, Abraham González Roque, Sandra Martell, Carmina Acopa, Chamaly Revelez, Carlos González Vega, Tochiro Gallegos and Oscar Tijerina.

LookThisIsNotSelfie (10)_EDT

Beautiful artist Elda Nallely Flores going around the gallery.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (18)_EDT

The artist Carmina Acopa showing her artwork.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (20)_EDT

My parents along with family friends Pilar Oviedo and Armando Gómez.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (38)_EDT

The talented soprano Zhara Flaviani created a magical moment with her beautiful voice. Click the link to see a little bit of the exhibition:



LookThisIsNotSelfie (23)_EDT

Friends also having a good time.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (6)_EDT

People admiring the artwork from the invited artists Simone Di Santo, Sandra Martell and Chamaly Revelez.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (12)_EDT

The artist Carmina Acopa seems to be very interested in the conversation.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (17)_EDT

Adira Uc posing with her dreamy artwork.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (16)_EDT

Sandra Martell among the emerging artists from Tabasco.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (11)_EDT

The art gallery “El Jaguar Despertado” is the most important exhibiting place in the state of Tabasco.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (27)_EDT

My parents posing with their photograph, where I tried to express that they are my King and Queen. I love them so much.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (19)_EDT

With my dear friends.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (26)_EDT

Alejandro Ortiz and Astrid Baray.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (21)_EDT

Let's all have the good time, good time, good time!.


LookThisIsNotSelfie (14)_EDT

At the end of the exhibition the only thing we wanted was to eat tacos!


Thank you for taking a little time to read this posting!

Next time you will see the complete artwork.


Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: Guadalupe Vargas Magaña, Gerardo Vargas Hernández and Aurelio Hernández Herrera (Q.E.P.D.).

I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas Hernández, María Elena Magaña Sánchez, Lupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña.


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