Marc Chagall


Painting: “Marc Chagall" 2013 (100x100cm, acrylic on canvas).


Today is Day of the Dead and as a Mexican by birth and heart I dare to say that this is one of my favorite days of the year. Reason why, this November 2nd, that is, the All Souls Day, I would like to make a tribute to one special soul of the art world, the beloved artist Marc Chagall.

Since an early age Marc Chagall started to show a great capacity for invention, he used the violet color in such a way that challenged all known artistic laws and he had that self-taught quality that it’s the style of the true creative spirits.

“In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love”. Marc Chagall

His destiny was a destiny formed by tests and one of the most difficult one was to leave his birth and beloved city, Vitebsk, which is present in most of his work.

(But tell me, who's an artist without love?)…

I would say it’s fundamental for inspiration, that’s why destiny had something amazing for him and in the fall of 1909 he met Bella Rosenfeld, his muse. In his autobiography "My Life", Chagall described his first encounter with Bella: "Her silence is mine, her eyes mine. It is as if she knows everything about my childhood, my present, my future, as if she can see right through me". His passion for not only her beauty but her strength is visible in his portraits of her.

Marc Chagall is known as the painter who brought back poetry to painting…

Taking into account what Time magazine published in 1965 “without him the modern art history would be superficially cold”.

Just a curious note to finish this post, the painting you see here was inspired first of all by the artist himself, his life and his amazing and poetic work.


Posing with my painting inspired by the green-faced man Marc Chagall… (“No one is a prophet in his land, but you Marc Chagall proved the contrary and you hold your beloved city Vitebsk in your hand”).


Self-portrait, 2013.

Thank you for visiting this ArtBLOG…



Guerman, M., Forestier, S. and Wigal, D., CHAGALL Vitebsk-París-Nueva York, Traducción de Daniel Suárez, México: Númen, 2006.


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