Yoana and the revelation of Mr. Right (Part 2)


Photograph: “Old times" 2014.

If you ask me, how I would prefer photographs to be edited, whether color or black-and-white, I would totally say that I’m a black-and-white photography fan. 

(But why?)… Well, for me it’s simple, any black-and-white photograph looks so creative, amazingly artistic and spectacularly beautitul… (but that’s only for me).

Now tell me… How about you?, What kind of photographs do you like better?

(Getting back to the point)… For this publication it’s an honor to introduce someone you might know or might not, but here you will have the chance to do so, and specially because he’s a talented photographer and maybe you just didn’t know it…

Please Elena less introduction and more action!…

Ok, ok!, here it goes then…

I now present the gallery of Simone Di Santo with Yoana Vargas as a model and my painting “Yoana and the revelation of Mr. Right” as the background theme.

We hope you like it!


When I saw the photograph “Revelation of the light"  I was in shock because for me it represents the perfect contrast between black and white, and also the composition is unexpected… (what a great result! and I think it's my favorite from the gallery).


Photograph: “Revelation of the light" 2014


This next photograph is a tribute to René Magritte, the genious painter, and to one of his most famous paintings “This is not a pipe”, which means that it’s not a physical pipe but just only an image or representation of a pipe. So, if he had said “This is a pipe”, then he would have been lying… (Confusing but at the same time fascinating!!!)


Photograph: “These are not three Yoanas" 2014.


What is a border, a limit or an interface? Well, this picture exposes these terms by separating and at the same time connecting Yoana and the real Yoana


Photograph: “There’s a line between you and the real me" 2014.


It’s incredible how the photographs talk for themselves…


Photograph: “Are these two neckties?" 2014.


Thank you Simone for your amazing photographs, what a talent you have!…

And as always, thank you for passing by…



Creative support by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño Jarquin

Photographs by: Simone Di Santo

I would like to thank Liverpool Store at Galerías Tabasco 2000, Villahermosa, Tabasco to make the photo shooting possible, as well as the support from the following staff members: Petrona Cruz Gallego, Javier Eduardo Montes and Miguel Ángel Pérez.



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