Dreams of Abu Dhabi


Painting: “Dreams of Abu Dhabi" 2012 (100x80cm, acrylic on canvas).

(Good bye 2013!!!)… I just wanted to end this year by posting one of my favorite paintings… (and also some people have also told me that it’s their favorite, too)…

“It was the time when I tried to reach the moon, held it in my hands but I could not keep it longer”…

I can say a lot of things about this painting or even write about the story behind it… (which is really interesting by the way, but I consider it’s better to keep it a mistery)…

Well, as I was saying, this painting is very special for me because it was the first bigger-format painting (100x90cm) I did outside Mexico, specifically in Germany… (and it’s precisely there where it currently remains)…

A complete series of paintings helped me develop my style, but I wasn’t quite there yet… (believe it or not)… the painting “Dreams of Abu Dhabi” defines the end of a style and starts a better one, helping me refine my technique by being more careless-free and less afraid of using brigthful colors… it also opened a door to get the opportunity to exhibit in Hahn-Münden, Germany… (but above all, it contains a feeling I can’t express with words, only with colors)…

So, it surely represents a beginning… and also an end.


A visitor to the exhibition in Hahn-Münden who asked me to be in a picture with her favorite painting.

Thanks for your time and I wish you the best for this 2014!!!



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Photographs by: Conny Hiller & María Elena Vargas Magaña

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