Hann-Münden 2013 (Part 3)


Room # 1.

(Memories from a very stressed artist)…Believe me!

Let me tell you that I had only one day to get the exhibition ready to be seen, and I also realized at the last moment that I got three rooms to be filled with my paintings (Really?, wow, what a great honour!, but how would I get to fill all of them with my work??)… Well, this question had to be answered right away (the clock was ticking!)… The good thing is that my friend Conny Hiller had already place my paintings around the three rooms, and they really looked amazing! (So, she saved me a lot of work).EDT_Aufbau

The box where seven big paintings were packed and sent to Germany.

One of people’s favorite paintings and stories was the one from painter Rafael González Mauricio in Room # 1 (I explained it in German most of the time!)…EDT_la_foto_1_o

Painter Rafael González Mauricio in Room # 1.

Painting “Wo werden wir uns küssen?” (Where are we going to kiss?), which is a reference for the city of Hann Münden… you will have the chance to read the story in next postings…. (The question remains)…EDT_la_foto_4

Paintings in Room # 1.

Another favorite “Sad Story No.1” made people read the complete story by Yoana Vargas. One woman told me that the story really touched her and that it's amazing to combine my paintings with my sister's stories. (Now I have more projects based on her stories!)…EDT_IMG_1535

“Sad Story No. 1” in Room # 1.

I painted “Dreams of Abu Dhabi” in Germany in October 2012 after returning from Abu Dhabi, and there's for sure a story behind it… (Next posting will be about this painting!)… especially because it was the top favorite painting of the three rooms… (I don't know why!)…EDT_la_foto_3_p

Painting “Dreams of Abu Dhabi” in Room # 1.

(What was different in this exhibition?)… Of course the participation of my artist friends Ismael Moyaho and Tochiro Gallegos with their amazing photographs.EDT_la_foto_2

This is Ismael Moyaho's Wall in Room #1.

Next is the painting “Frida Kahlo, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger” and the photograph “Cool Artist” by Ismael Moyaho.Frida

Frida Kahlo in Room # 2.

Paintings “María Izquierdo” and “I have found my second earring” along with photographs by Ismael Moyaho.EDT_la_foto_1_t

Paintings in Room # 2.

(Now, this is one of my favortire paintings!)… People laughed about the fact that I painted Elvira Bach saying that she had found her second earring after I saw one of her drawing sketches asking “Where is my second earring?”.EDT_la_foto_4_m

Elvira Bach in Room # 2.

Painting “No one can imagine” and photographs by Tochiro Gallegos. It’s amazing that the photographs matched with the painting comparing West and East Germany.EDT_la_foto_1_9

Painting “No one can imagine” in My Room # 3.


View from Room # 1 and Room # 3.


Paintings “I’m waiting for an answer” and “The first train" in Room # 3.


Paintings in Room # 3.

My favorite visitsEDT_IMG_1507

My friends Silvia and Chris.

EDT_mich+Annabelle (6)

My friends Anabel and Michael.


Dad Gerardo, Mom María Elena, Conny, Frank and Lisa.


Dad, Conny, Me, Frank and Lisa.

Interviews & PressEDT_Frühstück (11)

Interview about my impressions of the festival DENKMAL! KUNST, KUNST DENKMAL!…and what I said is that the people of Hann Münden are amazing and worked really hard for the success of the festival.



“Exhibition: from Mexico to Münden”, interview for the Hann Münden local newspaper by Wiebke Huck.

Do you want to know Wiebke Huck, the journalist that interviewed me for the newspaper???… Click the link to watch the video (I asked her why she decided to be a journalist!)… Now, who is interviewing who???

VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO! Click the link…






Kunst Kohle Group brochure.


I hope you've enjoyed this tour through my three exhibition rooms!!!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to see my paintings!

Next time the story behind the painting “Dreams of Abu Dhabi”.


This post was edited by: Yoana Vargas Magaña & Guadalupe Vargas Magaña
Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño
Photographs by: Conny Hiller & María Elena Vargas Magaña

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