Hann-Münden 2013 (Part 2)


How can you turn this JUNK into ART???

I know that I promised!!!!!… So, here it is… PART 2 of Hann Münden, Denkmal Kunst, Kunst Denkmal!!!!

In this Gallery you will see the work of these amazing artists from our group “Kunst Kohle” (“Art Coal”): Ricardo Hiller, Christiane Mosler, Manfred Pilz, Dieter Frankenberg, Lüder Mosler and Julia Frankenberg (and now ENJOY!!!)…


Artist: Ricardo Hiller

Modality: <Sculpture>

Link: http://www.oxi-art.de/

(What would a person do in a sunny day in Germany?)… Well, I could think of going to the park, visiting another city, taking the bike for a long ride or maybe going to buy some JUNK (really?????… Junk?, only if you are an sculpture artist!)… and this is the case of Ricardo Hiller, who is always looking for creative ideas to turn this junk into wonderful sculptures.

Would you guess the name of the following sculpture if I give you this clue? (My Precious!!!, My Precious!!!) …EDT_IMG_1491

I think you got it!, so the title is “Gollum” by Ricardo Hiller.

The next sculpture is one of my favorites, a very difficult decition because all of them are incredible!!! (And let me show off that I’m the proud owner of one of them, “The Frog King”)…EDT_IMG_1501

The very feminine “Lolita”.

I like interpreting art, and this sculpture is called “Three Sisters”, reason why I would interpret it as me and my sisters Yoana and Lupita hehehe…. (Yeah baby!, I love ART!)…EDT_IMG_1543

Sculpture title “Three sisters”.


The artist Ricardo Hiller.


Hermann and Bruni from the city of Hann Münden said that their favorite sculpture was “Don Quixote & Sancho Panza”.


Artist: Christiane Mosler

Modality: <Painting & Sculpture>

Link: http://www.kontura-duderstadt.de/


Christiane Mosler and her painting series “Great feelings in small paintings”.

EDT_vorBeginn (35)

Christiane's sculpture “Fenix bird”.

EDT_vorBeginn (34)

Her paintings from witches’ stories.


Painting title “Bewegtes land” (Moving land).


Artist: Manfred Pilz

Modality: <Installation, Painting & Sculpture>

Link: http://www.kontura-duderstadt.de/


Manfred Pilz is always playing with words, giving them a meaning though art, like this installation named “Flying words”.


The artist Manfred Pilz.


Check that the clocks have no hands!. Title“Timeless”.


Artist: Dieter Frankenberg

Modality: <Serigraph>

EDT_Abschlußparty (6)

The artist Dieter Frankenberg.

EDT_vorBeginn (67)

Dieter's serigraph series and sculpture.

EDT_vorBeginn (73)

This is my totally favorite from Dieter, “Self Portrait”.

EDT_vorBeginn (75)

Beautiful art by Dieter Frankenberg.


Artist: Lüder Mosler

Modality: <Installation, Painting & Sculpture>

Link: http://www.kontura-duderstadt.de/


Lüder Mosler and his sculpture “Troy 2012”.

EDT_vorBeginn (28)

Sculpture “Troy 2012”, and what interpretation would you give to this horse getting put of a garbage can???.

EDT_vorBeginn (31)

"Cool & crazy" I would say about these objects.


Artist: Julia Frankenberg

Modality: <Installation & Sculpture>


Julia Frankenberg and at the back you can see the sculpture “I want to think I need it”.

EDT_vorBeginn (4)

“Dancer” by Julia Frankenberg.

EDT_vorBeginn (5)

Artist observing art??, Yes! Manfred Pilz takes a look at Julia’s art.


Did you enjoy the Gallery??? Any questions or comments????

As always, I would like to Thank YOU for your visit!!!!

Next posting will be about my art!



This post was edited by: Yoana Vargas Magaña & Guadalupe Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: Conny Hiller & María Elena Vargas Magaña

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