Hann-Münden 2013 (Part 1)


Panoramic view of the incredible city of Hann Münden.

Wow!! It's been a month since the last posting, and a lot of things have happened, but the most important is the exhibition in Hann Münden, Denkmal Kunst, Kunst Denkmal!!!!

(So, now it's time for the exhibition report!!!)…This is PART 1.

Get ready, set, go!….

It took place from September 28th to October 6th, 2013 in the wonderful city of Hann Münden, 20 old houses were the rooms for more than 70 artists from all parts of Germany (and of course one from Mexico!!! Yujuuu!!)….Picture1

This is Kohlen-Hesse Haus, the place where our group “Kunst Kohle” had the opportunity to exhibit.

(What about the visitors????)… During the 9 days that lasted the art exhibition, hundreds of people had the opportunity to be involved in this cultural festival!

(About the talented artists from my group)… The name of our group is “Kunst Kohle” (“Art Coal”), because the Kohlen-Hesse Haus was a former coal factory (in those old days!!!)…


From left to rigth, Julia Frankenberg, María Elena Vargas, Manfred Pilz, Christiane Mosler, Lüder Mosler, Conny Hiller, Ricardo Hiller and Dieter Frankenberg.

(And)…Today I will begin with Conny Hiller, the art initiator, the one who's always telling me: “paint Elena!!!”, and now I would like to tell her the same: “Continue creating Conny!!”, because I'm your fan!

Artist: Conny Hiller

Modality: <Installation>

Topic: “Grimm Brothers' stories

Imagine that you take your children to this installation because it's about very famous stories from Grimm Brothers (but guess what?), Conny Hiller gived her own interpretation of such stories, a completely different point of view of what it's expected (unexpected?)… Yes!, but in the end, children and adults got the idea!EDT_IMG_1743

From the story “The donkey, the table and the stick”.

STORY: “The donkey, the table and the stick”…When you are hungry you have only to say, “Table, be covered!”, and at once it will have a clean cloth on it and dishes and lots to eat.

This installation explains that some people prefer to spend a lot of money on beautiful furnishing, silver cutlery sets, cut glass crystal glasses, fine china, etc.. They don't really matter the cost, but in spite of investing great amounts of money on these things, they don't spend wisely for eating healthy food, instead, they prefer eating fast food, junk food, powder mushed potatoes, can soup, etc… (she made us think more!)…EDT_IMG_1485

From the story “The donkey, the table and the stick”.

STORY: “Snow White”…Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all??

(“Ach so!!!”, which means “Now I get it!!!”)… These were the first words almost ALL PEOPLE said when the artist explained this installation, then everyone got the idea and started laughing and said “Great Idea!”

In order to be younger and beautiful, and to walk through the RED CARPET, some women take the decition to pass through the OR (operation room) for plastic surgery, adding here, taking off there, so, in the picture you can see the skin and inside the fat to be removed (mmm, Snow White is ready for the red carpet!)…EDT_IMG_1867

Conny Hiller and her installation from the story “Snow White”.



Göttinger-Tageblatt Newspaper, where the artist installation made several people think further about Grimm Brothers' stories.



The "Snow White" installation always got different reactions from children to adults.

STORY: “Hansel and Gretel

(One of my FAVORITE paintings from Conny Hiller!!)… If you get to interpret this painting, send me a message!…(a clue would be the fence!)…


From the story “Hansel and Gretel”.

(Any clue?????)…

Thank you for reading this blog and see you next time with PART 2!!



This post was edited by: Yoana Vargas Magaña & Guadalupe Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: Conny Hiller & María Elena Vargas Magaña

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