What was it like???


Painting: “No one can imagine" 2013 (50 x 60cm, acrylic on canvas)

Recently, I’ve been wondering about many topics, especially those concerning women. This time I wanted to know more about how women’s lives in East Germany were during the wall…(you can read but I think no one can imagine).

Imagine you were “a prisoner” and had a escaping dream, as many people from East Berlin dreamt on, just flying over the Wall and reaching a place with liberty and opportunities… Now imagine you could see West Berliners standing there on their side and taking a look on how you lived… Imagine again that you have enough money to buy things (but guess what??…), the problem was not having the money, the problem was the lack of things to buy for… Imagine long lines to get goods, sometimes when people were passing by and saw a line, they just waited there too, not even knowing what the line was for…

(and how about women??…)

The nature of women is to be strong. So, as you can imagine, most women worked. They were also the ones who did most of the standing lines in order to get goods. Among the “advantages” they had, was education and having their jobs back after years of taking care of their children. But the man (there’s always a but), that is, Dad was in charge of the family, so women had to do it all at the same time (I wonder if times have changed at all)

Click the following link to read more about how life was in East Germany during the Wall and to see photos about this fact.


(Now about the painting)…

The only intention of the painting is to pose the following questions:

1)Which side is which????

2)Can you imagine what it was like???

This time it’s a pleasure to introduce the work of a photographer who has a very successful career in the North of México…The photographer Tochiro Gallegos2013-08-27_22.27.41_EDT

Photograph by Tochiro Gallegos: “No title I" 2013

I’m proud to say that Tochiro Gallegos is also my friend…


Photograph by Tochiro Gallegos: “No title II" 2013

I have an interpretation for this photo: No one can say who it is, it could be anyone, so I couldn’t recognized myself…So, when going through difficult times, people seem to be different and not recognize themselves…Ismael Moyaho Lozano gave me the idea, because he said it didn't look like me…2013-08-27_22.27.28_EDT

Photograph by Tochiro Gallegos: “No title III" 2013

And (guess who!)…the official photographer of Expect the Unmexpected, Ismael Moyaho Lozano…with me…both worried…


Photograph by Ismael Moyaho Lozano: “Both worried" 2013

I get most of the inspiration for my paintings from what I SEE…and now it was The East Side Gallery from Berlin, a 1.3 km-long painted stretch of the former Berlin Wall. It is the largest open-air gallery in the world.IMG_0768_EDT

No one can imagine

(Did you get to answer the questions?????)

See you next week!!



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