Made in Puebla: Rafael González Mauricio


Painting: “Painter Rafael González" 2013 (100 x 100cm, acrylic on canvas)

Puebla, what a beautiful city, full of traditions, customs, fabulous food, art, culture and now a great painter…(Qué chula es puebla, qué linda, qué linda, qué chula es Puebla!!!!)

(But who am I talking about??? Let me introduce him to you…)

The Painter: Rafael González Mauricio

He’s been painting for more than 20 years, and he’s an artist who has a passion for expressing the traditions, customs, art and culture from Puebla and its surroundings. From his last exhibition at Mi Casa es Puebla in Passaic, New Jersey the artist said “La China Poblana cannot be from Veracruz, it is a clearly symbol from Puebla. All the themes for this exhibition are from Puebla, oil on canvas and raw denim”.

(Did you know that…)

His exhibition was titled “Homenaje a la mujer poblana”??? He presented 20 oil on canvas and among them it was the monumental “La China Poblana”, which is only five meters long (only????… can you imagine?????). Just Amazing! Now if you want to know a little bit  more about the legend of La China Poblana, just click here.

For future plans, Rafael Golzález Mauricio has the goal to exhibit his art in Paris, France and I’m pretty sure that he will do it, because he’s so talented, perseverant and determined…(So, Paris, here he goes!!!!).

All I can say for this great artist is that….PUEBLA IS VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!! BRAVO!

Recognizing himself, and maybe thinking “Mmm, it really looks like me” or “Should I leave my beard longer?”IMG_1303_EDT

The painter was happy to see that I painted him.

Last Saturday in Villahermosa, Tabasco, talking to the artist, he gave me some painting tips…(wonderful to learn from the masters…)IMG_1323_EDT

“It’s me” was the first thing he said when we surprised him with the painting.

And talking about talented people from Puebla… I continue posting photos from the official photographer for this ART BLOG, that is, Ismael Moyaho Lozano (from Puebla, of course!)

artist painting final touch b&w_EDT

Photograph by Ismael Moyaho Lozano: “Artist painting final touch" 2013

I love this photo!!!!!

this is maria elena_EDT

Photograph by Ismael Moyaho Lozano: “This is María Elena" 2013

(Finally, a question about the painting…)

Why is Rafael holding a green apple??… It’s very simple, a red apple is the common apple, and he’s for sure a GREEN ONE!

Thank you for your visit and see you next week!!



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