An artist of the energy

manif ser

Painting: “Manifestación del ser” or “Manifestation of the Self”, 2017 (80 x 140 cm, acrylic on canvas).

I consider my friend Atziri Pérez Galindo an artist of the energy and of hapiness, her paintings are so powerful that you can’t take your eyes off of the them, in some of them, you would even like to touch the texture of the salt mixed with the colors, and the pieces with protruding paintings are a pleasure for the senses.

Her canvasses show a magnificent contrast in colors with the purpose of expressing the  positive things we are surrounded by. The color blue, a recurring color in her art, has a special meaning for her, because it represents water, an essential element for life. The accompanying colors represent a complement for her compositions bringing light, force and energy to the topic, which could be the Cosmos, architecture, nature or spirituality, and in the end, the created balance among these colors, become in a unique inspirational piece.

Her art is not easy, it is based on a complex technique, and I think I haven’t met a more disciplined and dedicated artist than her (you can tell by visiting her art studio, which is full of creative and complex projects, paintings in process and final results). An impressive curriculum supports her, that is, 73 collective and 4 individual exhibitions both domestically and internationally, one virtual collective exhibition, eight auctions, an online and printed publication in the Artists' Directory in the February/March 2016 issue of Aesthetica Magazine of the United Kingdom, among other magazines (and despite all her experience and success, she remains a humble person willing to help other artists in this, not always easy, artistic path).

The following is a gallery of her latest works created in 2017 along with two pieces she presented at the exhibition “HOPE” in Duderstadt, Germany, which titles are “Healing stones” and “Entlightenment is in you”.

I hope you enjoy the paintings and their wonderful meaning.


Painting: “infinito” or “Infinity”, 2017 (120 x 220 cm, acrylic on canvas).


tu eres la fuerza

Painting: “Tú eres la fuerza” or “You are the force”, 2017 (120 x 220 cm, acrylic on canvas).


Sol de Med Noch

Painting: “Sol de media noche” or “Midnight sun”, 2017 (120 x 220 cm, acrylic on canvas).



Painting: “Contemplación” or “Contemplation”, 2017 (120 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas).


Here is why I continue saying that her art is powerful, it motivates to have the desire of growing spiritually and become a better human being by letting be surrounded by love.

“Enlightenment is in you: you have the strength and spiritual knowledge to transcend.  It is just needed to find yourself. Look into yourself and you will see all what you are, and the love within you” Atziri Pérez Galindo

la iluminación está en tí

Painting presented at the exhibition “HOPE” in Duderstadt, Germany: “Enlightenment is in you”, 2016 (120 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas).


Six healing stones: Opal, Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Jade and Ruby.

“In this painting I project the strength of nature, its energetic balance, the beauty of its nature, its effect on us; I encapsulate all this power in small pebbles full of color and energy.  It is a metaphor of our own energy and creative power” Atziri Pérez Galindo

piedras de curaciónPaintings presented at the exhibition “HOPE” in Duderstadt, Germany: “Healing stones”, 2014 (6-piece polyptych of 20 x 20 cm each, acrylic on canvas).


Her art is great, I can't tell what painting I like it better.

Thank you as always for taking a time to read this publication.



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