Exhibition «Artifacts of Human Trafficking»

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Installation titled “Isolation” by Austin artist Amie King.


Just to start the year 2018 full of art, I had the opportunity to be present at the opening of the exhibition titled “Artifacts of Human Trafficking” organized by the 3D installation artist Amie Stone King, which took place last January 5th at the Link & Pin Art Space in Austin, Texas.

The Austin artist created an amazing installation titled “Isolation”, which has the instruction to “enter the room, sit on the cube, use the flashlight to look around” enabling people to experience, in a sense, the feeling of being deprived of liberty.


“My goal for this project is to open a door through art, to encourage people to consider the physical, emotional and spiritual impact of sex-slavery while spotlighting the deep and distorted realities of this pervasive industry, empowering the public to shine a light into the darkness and not be afraid to look” –King


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Experiencing isolation as the title of Amie King’s installation.


The artist was also accompanied by other 2-D mixed media artists (me incuded, yeah!), who presented pieces of a variety of themes such as desperation, isolation and deceit.

One of my favorite pieces was the following sculpture in copper titled “Madison” created by Lyle Adair

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Copper sculpture titled “Madison”.


Another interesting piece was the one created by Helen Buck, which depicts the dangers social media represent, specially for the most vulnerable like the kids.

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Who do you think is really writing in social media?

this little kid or anyone else? can you see the danger?


The following is the gallery of the works presented in this incredible exhibition:

MariaElenaVargas Magaña_ArtifactsHumanTrafficking (3)“The Silenced” by Zan Van Loan speaks to the inconceivable horrors associated with human trafficking and the lack of voice of the still-missing and those who go missing everyday.


MariaElenaVargas Magaña_ArtifactsHumanTrafficking (10)

“Despair” a mixed media sculpture by Joe Grady Moore.


MariaElenaVargas Magaña_ArtifactsHumanTrafficking (4)

Rhea Pettit created this oil on canvas titled “Free Falling”.


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“Cemented” a prismacolor artwork by Kelsey Tasch.


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“Holding Tight to Humanity” has an accompanying poem written by the mom of the artist,  S. Michalski, who was inspired by the artwork.




See me


Right next door

Holding tight to my humanity

Where’s yours?"

– S. Michalski


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“Jet Black” is mixed media piece created by Ginny Barret.


In my case, I presented the painting titled “Does the Stockholm Syndrome exist?” which was inpired by the following short story written by Yoana Vargas Magaña.



"Does the Stockholm Syndrome exist?"

By Yoana Vargas Magana

She took a small clast of her treasured charcoal, she had found it the day those two men locked her in there, she drew another line among the three hundred and seventy-six ones that, although blurred, clearly reminded her the time she had been in that place.

Suddenly she heard hurried footsteps heading towards the small, dirty room, she moved the bed to cover her improvised calendar, she lay down adopting a fetal position, covered her face with the only sheet she had, as if in doing so, she secured her own protection, she closed her eyes trying to calm herself down, it was in vain, she was breathing fast every second, she clenched the fists of her trembling hands, as if she wanted to turn the air into nothing. She wondered if Baltazar had kept his promise, she shuddered at the thought that "the chief" were still alive, and worse, than he had discovered everything.

– It’s done, whispered Baltazar while he slowly approached and caress her face with tenderness, now we can go to the end of the world if you want to. Give me the weapon I gave you in case he came back, he said as he wringed the blood from his clothes.

The hope she felt at that moment gave her the courage to move her last piece of chess, it was as if she could taste the freedom with every shot. Baltazar's shirt now carried the stain of different bloods and his was one of them.


MariaElenaVargas Magaña_ArtifactsHumanTrafficking (13)

With Debra Watkins, owner of the Link&Pin Art Space and Amie King, the creator of this amazing exhibition.


MariaElenaVargas Magaña_ArtifactsHumanTrafficking (11)

My dear parents enjoying the exhibition.


Thank you as always for reading the posting, it really was a wonderful experience to be part of this exhibition and to have the opportunity to attend the opening.



By the way, where will the exhibition “Artifacts of Human Trafficking” travel?

We are please to announce that it will travel to the Dean & Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, from early February to mid-March 2018.

Followed by Rapha House in Joplin, Missouri in May 2018.


And here you can visit the following artist’s web pages:

Amie Stone King


Lyle Adair



Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: MEVM

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