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SeRegalaOpera_HahnMuenden_EDT_MariaElenaVargasMagañaPhotograph: “Se regala ópera” or “Opera given as a present”, 2016, digital photography.

It was last december when my family and I were walking at the Zocalo square of Mexico’s City when we continued through the street 5 de Febrero and we stop to watch a great performance, two extraordinary opera singers were singing for an enthusiastic crowd, who were asking for more and more songs as soon as they finished one. I recall a passionate man, who was asking them to sing “O mio babbino caro”, “Va pensiero” o “Lakmé”, then the singers told him that he was a person who really loved opera because he knew the good ones.

In my case, I also love listening to opera, but to tell you the truth, I don´t know about it, so I was happy to see one person asking for different songs from the ones we usually request.

After being a spectator for a while, I took my camera out and started photographing the opera singers and the street audience. It resulted in two photographs.

I worked on the editing and when they were finished I sent them to my family (dad, mom, sisters Lupita and Yoana, brother-in-law Hazem and boyfriend Luis) so they could help me with the names, because I knew it was going to be funny what they could propose.

From a variety of options (a very funny ones that made me laugh out loud), I selected the titles “Se regala ópera” or “Opera given as a present” where the opera singers give their souls to the excited audience; and “Filtrando ópera” or “Filtering Opera”, where a guy is trying to concentrate himself only in the music but he’s somehow being distracted by the surrounding noises.


Photograph: “Filtrando ópera” or “Filtering Opera”, 2016.


I hope you like the photos.



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Photographs by: MEVM

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