The Reading Club – The Final Day


Painting: “The Reading Club – The Final Day”, 2017 (50x60cm, acrylic on canvas). From left to right photographer and writer Simone Di Santo, María Elena Vargas Magaña, photographer Ismael Moyaho, Gabriel García Rosas and science fiction writer Sarahel Pérez Carreón.


NOTE: the painting was inspired in a photograph taken the final day we gathered for The Reading Club when the photographers Simone Di Santo and Ismael Moyaho were invited to join us (Gabriel, Sarahel and me).


 The Reading Club 

Actually, I don’t remember whose idea it was, but the moment I was asked to be part of a The Reading Club I immediately said yes, it was a chance to read different texts and at the same time have a great conversation with friends from work in that time. The dynamics were simple, every person selected a text and we reviewed it once a week. We gathered in many places, from Sarahel’s and Gabriel’s homes to the staff house where I lived and a small room in the Crowne Plaza Hotel where Filippo also lived for a while.

We started reading the “Ciberiada” by Stanislaw Lem (Gabriel’s recommendation), then we knew for the first time the beautiful poetry of the famous Tabasco’s poet José Carlos Becerra (Lavin´s recommendation). We also read the first story written by Sarahel Pérez Carreón, who would have known that he was going to write such a great science fiction story this year 2017? (I really hope he continues writing such kind of stories!)

I think this goup was very special because all its members are talented in different ways and we learned from each other.

It was also the time when I created the project Expect the Unmexpectedwhich lead to the creation of this ArtBlog, a very creative period. I recall one night, after having The Reading Club reunión, when I had the idea of painting the artist Marc Chagall and thus, I created one of my favorite paintings which was later exhibited in Germany.

As I mentioned, there is a lot of talent in The Reading Club, and a prove of that is the science fiction story that Sarahel wrote.

The title is Affectuum Hominen and the main character is Declain, a fifty-six-year-old man who is a “member of the second generation of Mars inhabitants and of the first generation locally born”, who is also “immunized against the six substances that generate emotional  instability” (what an imagination!)


One of my favorite parts is the beginning which says:

“Mars, some time after the last world-space war and before the first war in Mars”


And talking about favorite parts, I would like to share an extract of the story which is the author’s favorite:


Extracto del cuento de ciencia ficción

“Affectuum Hominen”

Por Sarahel Pérez Carreón

En medio del viaje, sin razón alguna Declain abrió los ojos, había perdido la noción del tiempo, las luces de la capsula estaban apagadas, encontró a Dayle contemplando su diamante al otro extremo de la cápsula, sosteniéndolo a contraluz de la luna, lo observaba con mucha atención, como una niña que observa una aurora boreal por primera vez.

– ¿Por qué te gusta tanto?

– Los diamantes pueden llegar a ser tan jóvenes como la tierra o tan viejos como el universo y es tal vez mi vanidad la que me hace pensar que un pedazo de estrella luce bien en mí, que me hace más bonita o será sencillamente que me gusta como brillan.

Para una persona perspicaz, no saber qué decir puede llegar a ser frustrante y ante tal frustración Declain sólo supo decir:

– Descansemos, ha sido un largo día. 


I really hope you have enjoyed this painting and the story extract.



Members of The Reading Club:

Gabriel García Rosas

Manuel Lavin Vizcaíno

Sarahel Pérez Carreón

Filippo Rodríguez Spadavecchia

María Elena Vargas Magaña


Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: MEVM

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