Painting: “Tierra Fronteriza" 2016 (50x67cm, acrylic on canvas).

With the invitation to participate in the exhibition “PARADISE” held in the city of Duderstadt, Germany, as an artist I wanted to show the efforts people who live in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas located in the Mexican-USA border do to try to live a “normal” life and rescue the city to be a safer place. These efforts include recovering the place by promoting a more cultural life, include young people in art and musical projects so they are focused on these activities and they can excel on them.

So about the paintings, the first one titled “Tierra Fronteriza” (“Border Land”) is inspired in the differences and similarities both lands have and the second one titled “Sueños de paz de una artista de la frontera” (“Dreams of peace from an artist of the border”) is inspired in the colorful city I would like to see in the near future.


Painting: “Sueños de paz de una artista de la frontera" 2016 (50x67cm, acrylic on canvas).

Finally, the scuplture titled “Al rescate de mi paraíso” (“At the rescue of my paradise”) can be better described with the poem written by Hazem Mahmoud and Yoana Vargas Magaña, showing how we can fight violence and inspire hearts with weapons such as music, art, sports and education.


“Al rescate de mi paraíso" 2016, Sculpture.


My Paradise

By Hazem Mahmoud and Yoana Vargas Magaña

Peace be upon you

Peace or violence

This tough war can break us,

if we let it happen

But there’s still some shine of peace inside my paradise,

Bring the good from within the normal people and then we can call them soldiers

Fighting with different kind of weapons,  fighting to protect us from us

War is the enemy of peace

And peace is my paradise

Peace be upon us, so let’s save our paradise

Peace be upon you

Peace or violence

So tell me at the end

What kind of weapon will you carry?



Fragment of the sculpture “Al rescate de mi paraíso" 2016.



We can really rescue our city from violence, hope never dies.

Fragment of the sculpture “Al rescate de mi paraíso" 2016.


I really hope you like this art and the inspiration behind it.

But before I say good bye I would like to ask two questions:

What’s your paradise?


What can you do to make it better everyday?




Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: MEVM

All my love to my dear Family whose support and love I always have.


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