Villahermosa Reflections

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Photograph: "Reflections I", 2016. MUSEVI ("Museo Elevado de Villahermosa" or "Elevated Museum of Villahermosa").

The best way to say good bye to a city is by findind one of your favorite spots and taking the best possible pics, in this way you can make your own tribute to the city in question. This is what it happened with this photograph series called "Villahermosa Reflections" where a simple walk through this park named "Tomás Garrido Canabal" turned into a delightful experience (this is for sure my favorite place in Villahermosa, Tabasco).

The park is located along the shores of the "Laguna de las Ilusiones", a lagoon that acts as a fantastic mirror of the trees, gardens and the different types of architecture with a combination of prehispanic, colonial and contemporary aspects. With this scenario it is possible to get fantastic photographs specially before the sunset, so I really recommend you to take a stroll one of these days just to admire the view and relax.

On a typical sunday, it's very common to find several families from the city taking a walk around the park, exersicing or just getting something to eat from all the variety of snacks you can find here.

At night and in the most private places of the park it is also probable to find some couples talking and most of the time kissing (I wish I have a picture to show you how they look! Muack, muack and muack!).

Talking about the night, one of the best things when it comes is the illumination of the MUSEVI, from purple and green it moves to a range of blues, and so on. The incredible structure of the MUSEVI ("Museo Elevado de Villahermosa" or "Elevated Museum of Villahermosa") was built by the mexican architect Enrique Norten and it is a pedestrian bridge simulating the form of a gar-like swamp fish commonly known in this region as "pejelagarto" (a combined word "peje" meaning fish in the way people from Villahermosa pronounce it and "lagarto" meaning alligator). The MUSEVI is also a space created to promote art and it has just been remodelled, so expect a variety of art expressions to be exhibited in this site (I hope to show my art here someday!).

Well, here is the gallery of "Villahermosa Reflections" and now it's time to say good bye to this exotic and beautiful city!

MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (5)Photograph: "Laguna de las Ilusiones", 2016 by Luis Antonio Pérez Moreno.


MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (3)Photograph: "Reflections II", 2016. "Laguna de las Ilusiones" and the reflected architecture.


Photograph: "Reflections I", 2016. Photograph of the MUSEVI ("Museo Elevado de Villahermosa" or "Elevated Museum of Villahermosa").Photograph: "Light over darkness", 2016. Spectacular nigth view of the MUSEVI.


MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (2)Photograph: "Reflections III", 2016.


MariaElenaVargasMagana_VillahermosaTabasco (6)

Photograph: "Good bye Villahermosa!", 2016.

Thanks for passing by and I hope you enjoy Villahermosa.


Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: MEVM and Luis Antonio Pérez Moreno

As always, I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas HernándezMaría Elena Magaña SánchezLupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña


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