Innsbruck, Austria


Painting: “Innsbruck" 2011 (70 x 70cm, acrylic on canvas)

A few years ago, I was traveling by train from Zurich, Switzerland to Innsbruck, Austria…as always, I was sleeping (almost snoring hehe)…but suddenly, I woke up, just to discover one of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever seen in my life…it was the Eastern Alps…

How can I describe the mountain peaks covered with snow??? Just magical!… So, I couln’t sleep anymore and I spent the next hours just admiring the fabulous view.

After arriving in Innsbruck, I went to one of the highest points and got an amazing view as the one you can see in the following picture.


Innsbruck Panoramic View

(And now to the point) …

How was this painting inspired? Well, when you see the colorful row of houses and the incredible mountains as a background, you have only two choices, to cry tears of joy or to be inspired to create something, in my case, I experienced both…


Landscape inspiration for the painting

If you want to know more about this incredible city and the places it has to be visited, here is the following link:


That’s all for this week…




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