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Green Homeland

MariaElenaVargasMagaña_Painting_GreenHomeland Painting: “Verde Patria” or “Green Homeland”, 2017 (150 x 90cm, acrylic on canvas). 


A continuous inspiration for my art projects are all migrants, courageous people that I admire, they leave their families, homes and countries, they leave everything behind searching for a dream of a better life.

The reason I document about them in photographs or paintings is to make people aware that they face a tough, dangerous and deadly journey, and if they once have the chance to meet them, I suggest them to be compassionate and human, and if possible help them, because in that stage of their path they are survivors, in the next stage we don’t know.

This time I present the painting “Green Homeland”, an abstract work inspired in all migrants who travel kilometers and kilometers just to try to reach the American Dream.

I also have the great contribution of the poet Verónica Manzo Barajas, who wrote a touching poem about the strong emotions people feel when leaving the homeland.

This work will be presented in the city of Duderstadt, Germany in September, 16th.

I hope you enjoy the painting and the poem.


Verde Patria

Por Verónica Manzo


¿Por qué me arrancas de tu lado… Verde Patria?


de los brazos de tus campos,

de tus valles y montañas,

de mis sueños juveniles,

del terruño que me abraza…


¿Por qué me niegas tu mirada?,

si en tus ríos de agua clara

se bañaba mi esperanza

yo reía… yo jugaba…


Verde Patria, que Velarde te ensalzaba

con el alma enamorada,

hoy te dejo…. ¡hoy me muero!

hoy mi vida se hace nada…


Por delante existe un sueño

que otra patria me brindara,

con disgusto dejo todo…

ojalá no me dejaras…


Verde Patria, sin color de una esperanza,

en tu casa queda atada

la tristeza de mi alma,

y en tus puertos dejo todo…

… ojalá no me dejaras…



Green Homeland

By Verónica Manzo


Why do you tear me away from your side… Green Homeland?

Exiling me…

from the arms of your fields,

from your valleys and mountains,

from my juvenile dreams,

from the terroir embracing me…


Why do you refuse to give me your gaze?,

if in your rivers of clear water

my hope bathed

I laughed… I played…


Green Homeland, that Velarde extolled

with his soul in love,

now I leave you… now I die!

now my life becomes nothing…


Ahead a dream exists

that other homeland provided me,

in disgust I leave everything…

I wish you didn’t leave me…


Green Homeland, colorless of a hope

in your house remains tied

the sadness of my soul,

and in your harbors I leave everything…

I wish you didn’t leave me…



Just when I started the painting.



A selfie while working on the second stage of "Green Homeland".


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