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Woman on red background


Painting: “Mujer en fondo rojo” or “Woman on red background”, 2017 (50 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas). 


My sincerely thanks to Verónica Manzo Barajas, my friend and poet (as I recently discovered) who specially wrote the poem titled “Woman” for the painting “Woman on red background”.

As a keep and keep on reading the poem, the only thing I think is that its ease makes it beatifully pure.

This poem is perfect, inspired in every woman, every woman of clear and serene thinking.


Por Verónica Manzo Barajas


Mujer de claro y sereno pensamiento,

de sonrisa franca y permeante afecto,

de ondulante alma

donde arropa el sueño

de la vida misma y el amor eterno.


Del perfecto brillo de sus ojos bellos,

se desprende el fuego de la fe que siento,

y en sus brazos mece

cual si fuera niño

las promesas rotas de los tiempos idos.


Cual mujer de fuego se proyecta en pleno,

con sonrisa franca que derrota miedos,

y después la calma

y después del trueno

la mujer del claro… y sereno pensamiento.


By Verónica Manzo Barajas


Woman of clear and serene thinking,

of honest smile and permeating affect,

of undulating soul

that tucks the sleep

of the life itself and the eternal love.


Of the perfect brightness of her pretty eyes,

emerges the fire of the faith I feel,

and in her arms cradles

as if it were kid

the broken promises of the gone times.


As a woman of fire she projects herself in full,

with honest smile that defeats fears,

and then the calm

and then the thunder

the woman of clear… and serene thinking.


I hope you enjoyed the painting and the beautiful poem by Verónica Manzo Barajas



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