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“¡Queremos contarte un cuento!”

Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (17)_EDT

All the artists with the person who is always encouraging us to create and exhibit our works: Eduardo Rodas, all our gratitude to you dear Eduardo!. From left to right: Gildardo Hernández, María Elena Vargas, Jorge Zamorano, Atziri Pérez, Eduardo Rodas, Sandra Martell, Carmina Acopa and Darwin Cruz.


The day of the exhibition “¡Queremos contarte un cuento!” finally arrived and this time the Art Gallery “El Jaguar Despertado” was the place where 16 artists from Tabasco, Chiapas, Jalisco and Germany (Göttingen and Duderstadt) exhibited their art works.

Adrián Quiroz (conceptual art) Chiapas

Alejandro Tassias (painting) Chiapas

Andrea Ruiz (acoustic installation) Chiapas

Atziri Pérez (painting) Tabasco

Carmina Acopa (painting) Tabasco

Christiane Mosler (painting) Duderstadt

Conny Hiller (illustration) Göttingen

Darwin Cruz (painting) Chiapas

Francisco Partida (photography) Jalisco

Gely Pacheco (video-installation) Chiapas

Jorge Zamorano (Installation and drawing) Chiapas

Lüder Mosler (conceptual art) Duderstadt

María Elena Vargas (painting) Tabasco

Sandra Gómez (video) Chiapas

Sandra Martell (illustration) Tabasco


The original idea of the exhibition was by the German artist Conny Hiller and I, and it came out in 2013 when we realized that most people like stories, and they also like being told stories, reason why we selected the title “We would like to tell you a story!”. The main goal was to invite artists with a strong conceptual proposal inspired in all the stories we have been told during our lives (and believe me we refered to “all kinds of stories”).

Then the artist from Chiapas Jorge Zamorano and I developed this idea and invited artists from Tabasco, Chiapas, Jalisco and also international artists from Germany to participate. As the curator of this exhibition, he selected the participants based on the innovative, creative and original proposals.

Thus, the dream came true and we had the opportunity to present this fun, creative and interactive exhibition…

Here are the photos of the opening…

Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (9)_EDT

People looking the art pieces and at the same time talking to some of the artists who could be there.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (15)_EDT

This piece titled “The day I lost my umbrella” by Lüder Mosler was a total hit and many people took a photo of it.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (16)_EDT

It was a night where many artists gathered to see and talk about what other artists from Tabasco, Chiapas, Jalisco and Germany are doing, for example these three pieces by Conny Hiller which show what the refugees in Europe experience in their journey to this continent.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (6)_EDT

Six artists from Chiapas presented their work for the first time at the Galería de Arte “El Jaguar Despertado”.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (8)_EDT

The artist Sandra Martell at the exhibition.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (14)_EDT

It was an exhibition where the guests could interact with the art.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (20)_EDT

Even this kid was curious about this piece by Adrián Quiroz.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (19)_EDT

The diversity of the art pieces led to very interesting conversations.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (23)_EDT

Here with my team in life, my beloved parents.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (21)_EDT

The artist Fernando Pitalúa sharing his observations.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (25)_EDT

My dear friends supporting me all the time.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (11)_EDT

Interesting and creative pieces by Christiane Mosler titled “Behind the curtain” and “In front of the curtain”.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (3)_EDTOne of the favorite pieces was the one by Conny Hiller titled “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” about the refugees in Europe.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (5)_EDT

The artist Carmina Acopa trying this piece titled “About the money” by artist Andrea Ruiz in collaboration with Jorge Zamorano.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (24)_EDT

The painter Atziri Pérez observing some art pieces.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (4)_EDT

As I mentioned, it was a night full of artists, from painters, sculptors, photographers to new media artists. This emerging artist wanted a photograph with my painting titled “Your eyes in my mirror” inspired by the short story by Yoana Vargas Magaña.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (13)_EDT

The artist Gildardo Hernández with his drawing.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (7)_EDT

Very proud of his work is the artist Darwin Cruz.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (18)_EDT

Friends walking around the exhibition.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (10)_EDT

Thanks to my dad I always have the best videos.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (2)_EDT

Excellent comments of the art exhibition even by a very famous artist who visited it.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (12)_EDT

Paintings, photographs, video-installation, drawings and scultures were part of this art exhibition.


Queremos_contarte_un_cuento (1)_EDT

Melao by Cao is always present with very creative and delicious dessert tables.


TVT - TV Tabasqueña (4)_EDT

Interview with Paco Mesa for the program “Este día” TVT Tabasco the day before the art exhibition.


TVT - TV Tabasqueña (1)_EDT

After the interview in TVT Tabasco with Paco Mesa.


Thank you for reading this first post of the year!

And I wish you the best this 2016!!!



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