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“El Migrante de sueños: Ni el Primero Ni el Último” Part 1

ElMigranteSueños (14)_EDT

The Exhibition opening with the cultural authorities from the State of Tabasco, the Director for Cultural Promotion ICT Ph.D. Paulina Isabel León de la Peña Izundegui, the Fine Arts Coordinator Eduardo Rodas García and PEMEX authorities guest Lobsang de Jesús Díaz López.


This individual exhibition titled “El migrante de sueños: Ni el primero ni el último” (in English “The Migrant of Dreams: Neither the first nor the last one”) is inspired in those brave people who leave their countries searching for a better life in a place where most of the time they aren’t treated with the dignity they deserve or at a place where they can’t even get to.

“I would like that stories that Yoana Vargas Magaña and Jose Ernesto Sotuyo tell us, be only that, stories and not reality.”

The exhibition counts with the valuable participation of  the writer Yoana Vargas Magaña and the poet José Ernesto Sotuyo, who interpret the paintings and photographs with a real content in each of their writings.


ElMigranteSueños (7)_EDT

Mrs. Flora introducing the Exhibition titled "El Migrante de Sueños: Ni el Primero Ni el Último" (in English “The Migrant of Dreams: Neither the first nor the last one”) at the Planetario Tabasco 2000, Villahermosa, Tabasco.


ElMigranteSueños (6)_EDT

The entrance with the painting “River of dreams” inspired by the short story with the same title by the writer Yoana Vargas Magaña.


ElMigranteSueños (28b)_EDT

The Fine Arts Coordinator Eduardo Rodas and the one who made this exhibition possible!


The Invited Artists

I would like to thank all the invited artists who participated in this exhibition and who will be part of the following great project titled “The Contrasts of Mexico”. The participant artists were: Conny and Ricardo Hiller, Simone Di Santo, Catarino Iglesias, Elisa García, Jorge Zamorano, Elda Nallely Flores, Abraham González Roque and Sandra Martell.

ElMigranteSueños (1)_EDT

The incredible work by the invited artists.


ElMigranteSueños (21)_EDT

The artist Simone Di Santo explaining his amazing photograph “Reflections” taken in Mount Mallela in Abbruzzo, Italy.


ElMigranteSueños (23)_EDT

Another talented artist with his wife Brenda and daugther Fátima.


ElMigranteSueños (36)_EDT

The talented artists Sandra Martell, Simone Di Santo, Nallely Flores and Abraham González Roque.


Friends who also visited the exhibition…

ElMigranteSueños (26)_EDT

My friends from the FCT Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra UANL (Faculty of Earth Sciences UANL).


ElMigranteSueños (34)_EDT

With my dear friend Adriana Añez and Claudia Villalobos, the creator of the wonderful platters with desserts and canapés.


ElMigranteSueños (22)_EDT

It was nice to have really good and dear friends with me that night.


ElMigranteSueños (32)_EDT

Lobsang de Jesús Díaz López and me at the installation “Welcome to the land of opportunities, the only thing you need to do is to cross the border”.


ElMigranteSueños (17)_EDT

People going around the exhibition.


ElMigranteSueños (19)_EDT

The photographs made a lot of people conscious about the migrants situation.


ElMigranteSueños (40)_EDT

My dear friend Isela Ascencio and her daughter Narda.



The great museographers Cenón, Mateo and Sergio, who arranged everything to be ready for the exhibition.



Wonderful desserts and canapés table by Claudia Villalobos.



“Traen la voz de los migrantes de sueños”, interview for the local newspapers Tabasco Hoy and Campeche Hoy by Yumey Salgado.



Invitation for the exhibition designed by the IEC (Instituto Estatal de Cultura).


Thanks a lot for taking the time to see the review of the exhibition “El migrante de sueños: Ni el Primero ni el Último”!

Next time you will see the work of the invited artists, as well as my paintings and photographs for this exhibition.



This post was edited by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: Guadalupe Vargas Magaña & Luis Antonio Pérez


I would like to thank my great team in life, my family that a deeply love, Gerardo Vargas Hernández, María Elena Magaña Sánchez, Lupita and Yoanita Vargas Magaña.

Another thank to Antonio Escalera Alcocer, Subdirector de Exploración y Producción PEMEX, for his support and for following up the exhibition “El migrante de sueños: Ni el primero ni el último”.