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2014 SEED Artwork Competition


SEED_Artwork (1)

Isela Ascencio Mexico’s Schlumberger-SEED Coordinator showing the winning artworks.

A total success was the call for 2014 Schlumberger-SEED Artwork Competition among all SEED Schools in Mexico. With this year topic “Mathematics are beautiful”, children were able to show their creativity and inspiration by drawing how the mathematics are present in nature, on the Earth and in our lives… (Cool!, isn´t it?).

Isela Ascencio Mexico’s Schlumberger-SEED Coordinator was in charge of this amazing initiative, visiting the SEED Schools, promoting this competition, gathering the artworks from all locations in Mexico and asking for volunteers to support this project… (Not an easy task, right?).

Thanks to all this work and the complete support from the Management, the voting process was a great succes. (So…) I’m pleased to announce the winning artworks:

SEED_Artwork (3)

1st Place: Hiram Alejandro Meza Pulido, 11 years, SEED School: Ignacio Lopez Rayón in Coatzintla Veracruz, Art Professor: Mayra Mar Pérez. 


SEED_Artwork (4)

2nd Place: Berenice Guadalupe Alvarez Hernandez, 17 years, SEED School: Secundaria Técnica # 11 in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Art teacher: Jesús Cerrillo Cruz. 


SEED_Artwork (5)

2nd Place: Gerardo Adrian Jimenez Garcia, 10 years, SEED School: Francisco I. Madero in Papantla, Veracruz, Art Teacher: Hector A. Jiménez García. 


SEED_Artwork (6)

2nd Place: Stephania Guadalupe Lázaro Mass, 15 years, SEED School: Secundaria Técnica # 11 in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Art teacher: Jesús Cerrillo Cruz.


SEED_Artwork (7)

2nd Place: Nimbe Lizeth Olarte López, 9 years, SEED School: Francisco I. Madero in Papantla, Veracruz, Art Teacher: Isaac Pérez Acuña.


SEED_Artwork (8)

2nd Place: Britney Yamilett Hernandez Pérez, 14 years, SEED School: Secundaria Técnica # 21 in Cd. del Carmen, Campeche, Art Teacher: Juana de Jesús Montero Alvarado. 


SEED Schools’ students were so excited to participate in this project…

SEED_Artwork (9)

SEED School students. 


SEED_Artwork (11)

SEED School student working on her artwork. 


And what about the volunteers? (Well, we also did a good job!)…just chek it out!

SEED_Artwork (12)

Simone Di Santo (Wireline) taking pictures of the artworks.


SEED_Artwork (13)

Yoana Vargas (Petro-Technical Services) and Isela Ascencio classifying the artworks into the corresponding category.


SEED_Artwork (15)

María Elena Vargas (Petro-Technical Services) reviewing that all artist’s information is accurate.


SEED_Artwork (16)

Isela Ascencio working hard for this 2014 SEED Artwork Competition.


Thank you very much to all the people who contributed to make this contest possible…

When there is a will, there is a way!



Creative support by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño

Photographs by: María Elena Vargas Magaña and Simone Di Santo

Votes by: Arindam Bhattacharya (President Mexico & Central America), Canice McGarry (MCA-MKT Manager), Jose Luis Lacruz (OFS Manager–MXS), Alejandro Scheffler (OFS Manager– MXM), Gerardo Villela (OFS Manager–MXNE), Diego Soler (MKT Manager–MXS), Cesar Velez, Claudia Castro (MCA DTS Operations Manager-MXS), Ana María Guzmán, Roberto Bernardis, Miguel Villalobos, Carlos Alcaraz, Laura Guadarrama, Lorena Galindez, Sara Saldarriaga, Mercedes Trujillo, Esther Castillo, Wilfredo Castañeda Espinoza, Daniel Zinat (WL-MXS),

Volunteers: Alejandro Rodriguez (PACMA & SR – MCA), Francisco Naranjo (Social Responsibility Manager – MXS), María Elena Vargas (PTS-MXS), Yoana Vargas (PTS-MXS), Simone Di Santo (WL- MXS), Daniel García (Facilities–MXNE Tampico), María Elena Solis (Manager Assitant-MXM), Stefanie Martínez (Social Responsibility–MXNE).


Look, this is not a selfie!


Painting: “Look, this is not a selfie" 2014 (100 x 100cm, acrylic on canvas).

The painting “Look, this is not a selfie”  is the portrait of Monserrat Estopier.

(But why this title?)… well, in a world where the selfie is the most popular word (tell me, who hasn’t taken a selfie???) it’s also interesting to know how other people “see” us, reason why I painted Monserrat.

(So…) Through the artist’s eyes, it can be seen a beautiful, hard-working and mysterious woman who knows what she wants in life, someone who’s willing to pursue her dreams and happiness as well… (Can you tell me what you see?)…

(And what about the leaves, do they mean anything?)… mmm, of course! they mean that she’s now living in an exuberant and exotic place (those who live here in the south of Mexico know what I mean) where all kinds of exuberant and exotic plants grow everywhere… Also, if you look carefully you will notice the white leave stem keeping her attached to the ground, representing that in life it’s important to know that you can follow and reach every single dream, but at the same time it’s important to remain humble and true to yourself…

Now, imagine that you are seen through someone else’s eyes, and this person results to be an artist… (can you imagine the result?, how would you like to be seen as?)…


Can we make a new tendency for this?… Maybe, let's see what the future holds…

(And now, about the photo shooting)… This is what I can interpret from Monserrat's photos and expressions… 

Because remember, this is not a selfie!


“I hope this photo shooting is over so I can relax!”


Photo by MEVM: “Come on!“, 2014


“Mmm, I think I have better hair waves than me in the painting” 

(For sure Monse, this is totally true!)…

Monse_PhotoShooting (12)_EDT

Photo by MEVM: “Me & the other Me“, 2014


It’s fun trying to interpret what Monserrat’s thinking of, although it’s not an easy task!

Monse_PhotoShooting (18)_EDT

Photo by MEVM: “Feeling art“, 2014


“Yeah, I’m happy now… posing isn’t as easy as it looks but I did a great job!”

Monse_PhotoShooting (17)_FinalVersion_EDTPhoto by MEVM: “Happy“, 2014

NOTE: You are witnessing the birth of a project… would you like to be part of it?

"See" you soon!



Creative support by: Yoana Vargas Magaña

Web page created by: Jonathan Nuño 

Photographs by: María Elena Vargas Magaña (MEVM)