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The Beginning; Expect the Unmexpected ArtBlog


Painting: "I´m glad you came" 2011 (70 cm x 70 cm, acrylic on canvas)


Hi everyone!!

Welcome to my ArtBlog EXPECT THE UNMEXPECTED…..

But what is it about???

Well, we are connected in so many forms and sometimes these ways are evident enough to see them, BUT MOST OF THE TIME they catch us distracted and that is why we see them as unexpected.

Let's consider that the Universe is always telling us "I SEE YOU" and "YOU´RE IMPORTANT TO ME"…..

So, unexpectedly today you ended reading this…But why? I don't know, maybe you were just curious, maybe you needed to get distracted from work, but the point is you are here and I hope you enjoy the following postings!

Now, would you dare to share something UNEXPECTED that has happened to you???

And don't forget that "I SEE YOU"…




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